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Korak, Son of Tarzan (1964) - #27
"Jungles of Ja-Lur"
Gold Key

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Gaylord DuBois

Dan Spiegle

Dan Spiegle

Cover Artist(s):
George Wilson

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: February 1969
Cover Price: US $ 0.15

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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While hunting Jato in the rocks with Korak, Ja-don, king of the Ho-don, is knocked out by a flying stone. His skull is fractured. Korak leaves him in a high cave and returns to the outer world through the barrier swamps, finding a young missionary doctor in a bordering village. He pays her in gold to return with him, and they ride back on the back of tantor. She tends to Ja-don's wound while Korak goes to Ja-lur to summon a party of warriors. As evening falls and Ja-don is still unconscious, a torodon beast-man enters the cave and attacks Dale, carrying her off. She manages to inject him with a heavy dose of tranquilizer and soon the brute topples over. Dale flees into the darkness, lost. Korak returns with an antelope and finds Ja-don awake. He builds him a fire, and then sets off to track Dale. The revived torodon ambushes Korak, and after a fierce struggle the beast-man falls off a cliff. Korak finds Dale just in time to save her from a giant vulture and a gryf. They ride the gryf back to the cave, where they turn the tide in a raging battle between torodons and Ja-don and his newly arrived Ho-don party. The whole group then go to Ja-lur, where Korak and Dale are guests of honor at a celebration in the king's hall. Ja-don richly rewards Dale, and promises more if she will stay in Pal-Ul-Don, but she insists on returning to her own people group. Escorted the next day to the barrier swamp, Korak and Dale find their tantor in mortal combat with a gryf. The gryf falls, and the two ride tantor back to the outer world. Dale plans to sell the expensive jewelry Ja-don gave her to pay for a new mission hospital.

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