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The Punisher (1987) - #63
"The Big Check-Out"

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Charles 'Chuck' Dixon

Tod Smith

Josef 'Joe' Rubinstein

Marie Javins

James R. 'Jim' Novak

Don Daley

Cover Artist(s):
Mark Texeira

Rating (out of 10):
from 6 votes

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1992 The Punisher Guts and Gunpowder #63 Deathlok1992 The Punisher Guts and Gunpowder #63 Deathlok$1.50
Marvel: The Punisher!! Vol.2 No.63 May.1992 No Tears!Marvel: The Punisher!! Vol.2 No.63 May.1992 No Tears!$3.50
The Punisher 1987 Series issues #1-28 30 32 34 36-37 43 47-49 51-52 57 60 63-71The Punisher 1987 Series issues #1-28 30 32 34 36-37 43 47-49 51-52 57 60 63-71$50.00
The Punisher #63 comic bookThe Punisher #63 comic book$1.00


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Cover Date: May 1992
Cover Price: US $ 1.25

Issue Tagline: Face Off!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Letters Column: Punishing Mails

Some druggies try to knock over a local supermarket while Frank is shopping there. Trapped in the store, unarmed without his rolling arsenal, The Punisher must take out the crackheads before they hurt any innocents.

This issue's inks are credited to "Joe Rubinstein & Co."

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Han Nguyen

Bob McLeod

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