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X-O Manowar (1992) - #42
"First Impressions"
Valiant Comics

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Jorge González

Luke Ross - 'Luciano Queiroz'

Randy Elliott

Andrew Covalt
Sue Radom

Jade Moede

Lynaire Brust

Cover Artist(s):
Andrew Covalt
Jeff Johnson - 'Angel Warrior'
Thomas 'Tom' Ryder

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Searching: X-O Manowar 42
X-O Manowar #42 VF/NM save on shipping - details insideX-O Manowar #42 VF/NM save on shipping - details inside$2.29
X-O Manowar (1992 1st Series) #42 VFX-O Manowar (1992 1st Series) #42 VF$1.75
X-O Manowar (1992 1st Series) #42 FNX-O Manowar (1992 1st Series) #42 FN$1.30
X-O Manowar #42 1992 (VF)in A Sleeve With A Board Backing Valiant ComicX-O Manowar #42 1992 (VF)in A Sleeve With A Board Backing Valiant Comic$3.99
Valiant: X-O Manowar!! Vol.1 No.42 May.1995 No Tears!Valiant: X-O Manowar!! Vol.1 No.42 May.1995 No Tears!$3.00


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Cover Date: May 1995
Cover Price: US $ 2.25

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Drawn to New Orleans by strategic attacks performed on Orb Industries holdings, Aric and Ken go to investigate. While there, they are caught in an attack. Shadowman shows up on the scene, but Aric senses the Spider Alien virus in him and attacks. Shadowman strikes back, crippling the X-O Manowar Armor. Just when things couldn't get any worse, Blister appears on the scene!

Continued in Shadowman #37.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Ken Clarkson
Ishmael (Valiant)
  Marcia Lewis-Saunier
An image for Shadowman (03 - Jack Boniface) exists Shadowman (03 - Jack Boniface)
An image for X-O Manowar (Valiant) (01 - Aric Dacia) exists X-O Manowar (Valiant) (01 - Aric Dacia)

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"Birthquake Prequel" - Edit this story

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Ron Marz

Bart Sears - 'Wittman'
Andy Smith

Ray Kryssing

Ominous Color

Chris Eliopoulos - '(principally a letterer)'

Lynaire Brust

Cover Artist(s):
Bart Sears - 'Wittman'

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In this mini-comic, the origin of Aric of Dacia and the X-O Manowar armor is unfolded in a brief story featuring Ken Clarkson. While there are no new story developments in this prequel, it does serve to introduce the new creative team for X-O Manowar showing that the Birthquake, Valiant's hiring of top-tier creative talent, means business.

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