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Shadow Riders (1993) - #4
"Symphony of Destruction!"
Marvel UK (Marvel)

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John Freeman
Brian Williamson

Ross Dearsley

Ross Dearsley

Euan Peters

Pat Prentice

Stuart Bartlett
Paul Neary

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Cover Date: September 1993
Cover Price: US $ 1.25

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Only thanks to the intervention of Goodfellow do the Shadow Riders escape Porlock, at least temporarily. They plan a counter attack...

Meanwhile, Ryan/Abadon’s true nature as a powerful extra-dimensional entity is revealed and Porlock soon finds himself under attack. He has totally underestimated the true power and nature of Ryan/Abadon who turns on his supposed 'master', pointing out that although Porlock may be well and truly mystically tied into the fabric of the universe in 1993, six hundred years in the past the links are not so strong and his death is a definite possibility...

The Shadow Riders attack and a battle follows. In the pandemonium Porlock flees to Earth (where the effects of Abadon’s power are already being felt), intending to close the wormhole and leave Ryan, Cable and the Riders to their doom... But Porlock cannot close the wormhole.

Roadie attempts to reason with Ryan, and he falters, recalling his humanity and affection for the girl - giving the Riders opportunity to retreat under cover of a combination of Vorin's majicks and Che's 'majickal invisibility'. They make it to the wormhole point and prepare to leap through, luring Ryan after them.

Once back on Earth, Vorin, almost exhausted, closes the hole in a spectacular pyrotechnics display, Porlock prepares to destroy the weakened and wounded Riders but Che takes the bullet meant for Vorin, giving Cable opportunity to use his bodyslide to take them out of the MyS-TECH base and harm's way.

Che is reurrected by Vorin and changed, joining the Riders as a regular member. By the skin of their teeth the Riders have survived to fight MyS-TECH from the shadows for another day...

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An image for Abadon (Marvel) exists Abadon (Marvel)
An image for Boot exists Boot
An image for Cable (Marvel) exists Cable (Marvel)
An image for Che exists Che
An image for Goodfellow (Marvel)(Shadow Riders) exists Goodfellow (Marvel)(Shadow Riders)
Grunt (Marvel)(01 - Arnold Coltrane)
An image for Mephisto (Marvel) exists Mephisto (Marvel)
  An image for Eadmund Porlock exists Eadmund Porlock
Professor (Marvel)(04 - X-Factor's Ship)
Brendan Rathcoole
An image for Roadie (Marvel)(Shadow Riders) exists Roadie (Marvel)(Shadow Riders)
An image for Stranger (Marvel)(Shadow Riders) exists Stranger (Marvel)(Shadow Riders)
An image for Gudrun Tyburn exists Gudrun Tyburn
An image for Vorin exists Vorin

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