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DV8 (1996) - TPB vol. 01
"Neighborhood Threat"
WildStorm (DC Comics)

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Warren Ellis

Juvaun J. Kirby
Michael Lopez
Humberto Ramos
Kevin J. West

Saleem Crawford
Randy Elliott
Chuck Gibson
Jason Gorder
Peter Guzman
Troy Hubbs
Mark McKenna
Mike S. Miller
Sal Regla
Luke Rizzo
Dexter Vines

Wildstorm FX
Bad @ss
Wendy Fouts

Amie Grenier
Michael Heisler
William O'Neill - 'Bill'

Sarah Becker
Rachelle Brissenden
Ruben Diaz

Cover Artist(s):
Humberto Ramos

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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Cover Date: October 2002
Cover Price: US $14.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 162 pages

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A dark and compelling book, DV8: NEIGHBORHOOD THREAT realistically portrays what would occur if a group of immature and immoral teenagers were gifted with extraordinary powers. A former covert strike force for a mysterious government agency, the Deviants are a band of angry, violent, greedy, and perverse super-powered teens who feel superior to the world. Unable to get along even among themselves, the adolescents constantly use their powers and abilities without fear of consequence or conscience. Now living in a Manhattan penthouse, the Deviants unreservedly employ tactics of destruction and murder while fulfilling their disreputable missions for Ivana Baiul, their amoral and duplicitous benefactor.

DV8 (1996) 1/2
DV8 (1996) #1
DV8 (1996) #2
DV8 (1996) #3
DV8 (1996) #4
DV8 (1996) #5
DV8 (1996) #6

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An image for Ivana Baiul exists Ivana Baiul
Blind Lemon
An image for Bliss (Wildstorm) exists Bliss (Wildstorm)
An image for Copycat (Wildstorm) exists Copycat (Wildstorm)
Virginia Dentata
An image for Evo exists Evo
An image for Frostbite (Wildstorm) exists Frostbite (Wildstorm)
An image for Hellstrike exists Hellstrike
Danita Perry
Sideways Bob
Smoking Boy
An image for Sublime (Wildstorm) exists Sublime (Wildstorm)
An image for Threshold (Wildstorm) exists Threshold (Wildstorm)

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