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Marvel Legacy: The 1990's Handbook (2007) - nn
"Annex to X-Treme"

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Chad Anderson
Chris Biggs
Ronald Byrd
Madison Carter
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Eric Timothy Engelhard
Mike Fichera
Anthony Flamini
Richard Green
Michael Hoskin
Sean McQuaid
Eric J. Moreels - 'Comixfan'
Mark O'English
Jacob Rougemont
Al Sjoerdsma
Stuart Vandal

Larry Alexander
Mark Bagley
Ed Benes
Joe Bennett - 'Benedito Jose Nascimento'
Bret Blevins
Jeff Butler
Steven D. Butler
Jim Calafiore
Martin Chaplin
Howard Chaykin
Jim Cheung
Tony Daniel - 'Antonio Salvador Daniel'
Mike Deodato Jr. - 'Deodato Taumaturgo Borges Filho'
Steve Ditko
Terry Dodson
Scott Elmer - 'Pond Scum'
Steve Epting
Pasqual Ferry - 'Pasqual Ferrandiz/Pascual Ferry/Pascal Ferry/Pa'
James W. Fry III
Ron Garney
Tom Grindberg
Peter Gross
Graham Higgins - 'Pokkettz'
Donald C. 'Don' Hudson
Geof Isherwood
Kelly Krantz
Andy Kubert
Gary Kwapisz
Salvador Larroca
Ken Lashley
Ron Lim
Mike Manley
Jeff Matsuda
Walter Antonio McDaniel
Mike McKone
Angel Medina
Mary Mitchell
Patrick 'Pat' Olliffe
George Pérez
Whilce Portacio
Joe Quesada
Bill Reinhold
Darick Robertson
John Romita Jr.
Duncan Rouleau
Melvin Rubi
Josef 'Joe' Rubinstein
Paul Ryan
Marie Severin
Walter Simonson
Steve Skroce
Paul Martin Smith - 'PMS'
Tod Smith
Jim Starlin
Bruce Timm
Dwayne Turner
Ron Wagner
Doug Wheatley
Mike Wieringo
Ashley 'Ash' Wood
Bill Wylie
Chap Yaep
Steve Yeowell
Patrick Zircher - 'Patch Zircher'

Scott Elmer - 'Pond Scum'

Tom Smith


Mark D. Beazley
Jennifer Grünwald
Joe Quesada
Michael Short
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Ron Lim
Tom Smith

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: March 2007
Cover Price: US $ 4.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 64 pages

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None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
The Marvel Legacy: The 1960s-1990s Handbook (2007) TPB

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An image for Annex (Marvel) exists Annex (Marvel)
Bad Timing (Marvel)
An image for Black Tarantula (Marvel)(Carlos LaMuerto) exists Black Tarantula (Marvel)(Carlos LaMuerto)
An image for Blackout (Marvel)(02 - Lilin) exists Blackout (Marvel)(02 - Lilin)
An image for Blackwulf (01 - Pelops) exists Blackwulf (01 - Pelops)
An image for Blackwulf (02 - Lucian) exists Blackwulf (02 - Lucian)
An image for Blitzkrieger exists Blitzkrieger
An image for Bloodhawk (Marvel)(2099) exists Bloodhawk (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Bloodthirst (Marvel) exists Bloodthirst (Marvel)
An image for Bluebird (Marvel) exists Bluebird (Marvel)
An image for Moira Brandon exists Moira Brandon
An image for Oliver Broadhurst exists Oliver Broadhurst
An image for Captain Marvel (Marvel)(03 - Genis-Vell) exists Captain Marvel (Marvel)(03 - Genis-Vell)
An image for Catwalk exists Catwalk
An image for Century exists Century
An image for Cerebra (Marvel)(2099) exists Cerebra (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Chamber (Marvel) exists Chamber (Marvel)
Creed (Marvel)
An image for Darkhawk (Marvel)(01 - Chris Powell) exists Darkhawk (Marvel)(01 - Chris Powell)
An image for Dice (Marvel) exists Dice (Marvel)
Doc (Marvel)(01 - Lilin)
An image for Doctor Octopus (Marvel)(02 - Carolyn Trainer) exists Doctor Octopus (Marvel)(02 - Carolyn Trainer)
An image for Dragoness (Marvel) exists Dragoness (Marvel)
An image for Exodus (Marvel) exists Exodus (Marvel)
An image for Fang (Marvel)(01) exists Fang (Marvel)(01)
An image for Feral (Marvel)(01 - Maria Callasantos) exists Feral (Marvel)(01 - Maria Callasantos)
An image for Firefist (Marvel) (02 - Rusty Collins) exists Firefist (Marvel) (02 - Rusty Collins)
An image for Forearm (Marvel)(01 - Michael McCain) exists Forearm (Marvel)(01 - Michael McCain)
An image for Gaia exists Gaia
An image for Gamesmaster exists Gamesmaster
An image for Ghost Rider (Marvel)(2099) exists Ghost Rider (Marvel)(2099)
Girth (Marvel)(02 - Lilin)
An image for Goddess exists Goddess
An image for Great One exists Great One
An image for Green Goblin (Marvel)(04 - Phil Urich) exists Green Goblin (Marvel)(04 - Phil Urich)
An image for Hauptmann Deutschland exists Hauptmann Deutschland
An image for Husk (Marvel) exists Husk (Marvel)
An image for Hyperstorm (Marvel) exists Hyperstorm (Marvel)
Infinks (Marvel)
An image for Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark) exists Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark)
An image for Jubilee (Marvel) exists Jubilee (Marvel)
An image for Junkpile (Marvel)(2099) exists Junkpile (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Kamikaze (Marvel) exists Kamikaze (Marvel)
An image for Krystalin (Marvel)(2099) exists Krystalin (Marvel)(2099)
An image for La Lunática (Marvel)(2099) exists La Lunática (Marvel)(2099)
Lady Octopus (Marvel)
An image for Legacy (Marvel) exists Legacy (Marvel)
An image for Lilith (Marvel)(02 - Mother of Demons) exists Lilith (Marvel)(02 - Mother of Demons)
An image for Llyron exists Llyron
An image for Locus (Marvel)(02 - Rayna Piper) exists Locus (Marvel)(02 - Rayna Piper)
An image for Stephen Loss exists Stephen Loss
An image for Lunatik (02) exists Lunatik (02)
An image for Lyja the Laserfist (Marvel) exists Lyja the Laserfist (Marvel)
An image for M (Marvel)(02 - Monet St. Croix) exists M (Marvel)(02 - Monet St. Croix)
An image for Caitlin Maddox exists Caitlin Maddox
An image for Mammoth (Willie Amos) exists Mammoth (Willie Amos)
An image for Maxam exists Maxam
An image for Meanstreak (Marvel)(2099) exists Meanstreak (Marvel)(2099)
Meatmarket (Marvel)
An image for Metalhead (Marvel)(2099) exists Metalhead (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Lynn Michaels exists Lynn Michaels
  An image for Mondo exists Mondo
An image for Moonstar (Marvel) exists Moonstar (Marvel)
An image for Moonstomp exists Moonstomp
An image for Nakota (Marvel) exists Nakota (Marvel)
An image for Necrom exists Necrom
Nemesis (Marvel) (01 - Infinity Gems)
An image for Nightwatch (Marvel) exists Nightwatch (Marvel)
An image for Nth Man (02 - John Doe) exists Nth Man (02 - John Doe)
An image for Outcast (Marvel) exists Outcast (Marvel)
An image for Paradox (Marvel)(01 - Doctor Strange) exists Paradox (Marvel)(01 - Doctor Strange)
An image for Penance (02 - M Twins) exists Penance (02 - M Twins)
An image for Pilgrim (Marvel) exists Pilgrim (Marvel)
Pixil (Marvel)
An image for Post exists Post
An image for Solomon Prey exists Solomon Prey
An image for Random (Marvel) exists Random (Marvel)
An image for Reaper (Marvel)(02 - Pantu Hurageb) exists Reaper (Marvel)(02 - Pantu Hurageb)
An image for Reignfire exists Reignfire
An image for Riot (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Kill Krew) exists Riot (Marvel)(02 - Skrull Kill Krew)
An image for Ryder (Marvel) exists Ryder (Marvel)
Scatter (Marvel)
An image for Scorpio (Marvel)(03 - Mikel Fury) exists Scorpio (Marvel)(03 - Mikel Fury)
An image for Selby (Marvel) exists Selby (Marvel)
An image for Sentry 459 exists Sentry 459
An image for Serpentina (Marvel)(2099) exists Serpentina (Marvel)(2099)
Sham (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Shard (Marvel)(02 - XSE) exists Shard (Marvel)(02 - XSE)
Short Circuit (Marvel)(01 - Unknown)
An image for Shriek (Marvel) exists Shriek (Marvel)
An image for Sister Nil (Marvel) exists Sister Nil (Marvel)
An image for Skids (Marvel) exists Skids (Marvel)
An image for Skin (Marvel) exists Skin (Marvel)
Skinner (Marvel)(01 - Lilin)
Skitter (Marvel)
An image for Skrull-Prime exists Skrull-Prime
An image for Skullfire (Marvel)(2099) exists Skullfire (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Slapstick exists Slapstick
An image for Sleepwalker (Marvel) exists Sleepwalker (Marvel)
Morphine Somers (Marvel)(2099)
An image for Sparrow (H.R. O'Damia) exists Sparrow (H.R. O'Damia)
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker)
An image for Star Thief (Marvel) (03 - Ditmal Pirval) exists Star Thief (Marvel) (03 - Ditmal Pirval)
An image for Strobe (Marvel) exists Strobe (Marvel)
An image for Stryfe (Marvel)(01 - clone) exists Stryfe (Marvel)(01 - clone)
An image for Stunner (Marvel) exists Stunner (Marvel)
Sumo (Marvel)
An image for Synch exists Synch
An image for Tempo exists Tempo
An image for Thumbelina (Marvel) exists Thumbelina (Marvel)
An image for Touchstone exists Touchstone
An image for Toxin (Marvel) (01 - Deviant) exists Toxin (Marvel) (01 - Deviant)
An image for Simon Trask exists Simon Trask
An image for Vengeance (Marvel) (01 - Michael Badilino) exists Vengeance (Marvel) (01 - Michael Badilino)
An image for Warbringer exists Warbringer
An image for White Tiger (Marvel)(02 - Evolved Tiger) exists White Tiger (Marvel)(02 - Evolved Tiger)
An image for Wildside (Marvel) exists Wildside (Marvel)
An image for Wildwind exists Wildwind
An image for X-Treme exists X-Treme
An image for Zeitgeist (02 - Larry Ekler) exists Zeitgeist (02 - Larry Ekler)
An image for Zero (Marvel)(01 - Adam Unit 0) exists Zero (Marvel)(01 - Adam Unit 0)

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Avengers (Marvel)(01 - Original Team)
Generation X
Lilin (Marvel)
Mutant Liberation Front (Marvel)
Phalanx (Marvel)
Schutz Heiligruppe
  Secret Defenders
Skrull Kill Krew
Underground Legion
X-Men (Marvel)(2099)

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