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Dark Shadows (1969) - #27
"My Blood or Yours?"
Gold Key

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Arnold Drake

Joe Certa

Joe Certa

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Cover Date: August 1974
Cover Price: US $ 0.25

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Quentin Collins has discovered a means to temporarily aleve his lycanthropy. He tells Barnabas about the formula he discovered and how it is an ancient antidote for evil. He discovered the formula in a secret location at Collinwood.

That evening, Barnabas finds himself the victim of a hidden assassination attempt. One of the chimneys of Collinwood comes crashing down and nearly crushes him. The following morning, Barnabas sets a trap for his would-be stalker.

The stalker sneaks into the mausoleum and opens Barnabas’ coffin. But the coffin lid is rigged to emit a gas that knocks the attacker unconscious. When Barnabas revives that evening, he finds his attacker to be Quentin.

A side effect of the anti-werewolf formula is sporadic bouts of psychotic rage. Quentin experiences another bout in which he partially transforms into a werewolf and attacks Barnabas. Barnabas restrains him until he returns to normal.

Barnabas decides that the only way to perfect the formula is to contact its creator. They learn that the formula was created by an alchemist named Isaac Salter that lived in Collinsport in the 1700s.

Barnabas uses his mystic knowledge to travel back in time to meet Salter. But Salter is soon arrested for witchcraft and taken away by Alderman Nunn for trial. Barnabas meets the presiding judge, Squire Weaden who has obviously pre-judged the Salter case. Weaden is under the control of Barnabas’ old nemesis, Angelique. Barnabas provides Salter with knowledge that will help prove his innocence as well as incriminate Squire Weaden.

Salter is set free and Weaden falls prey to his own trust in Angelique. As reward for helping him, Isaac Salter helps perfect his formula so that it is specific towards werewolves without any harmful side effects. Barnabas returns to the present with the improved formula.

This issue was also published by Whitman Comics.

This issue is divided into two chapters:
Part I: The Cure That Kills
Part II: The Road to Lucifer

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Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
Angelique Bouchard Collins
  An image for Barnabas Collins exists Barnabas Collins
Quentin Collins

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