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Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) - #1
"Chapter One: Crime"
DC Comics

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Joseph 'Jeph' Loeb III

Tim Sale

Tim Sale

Gregory A. Wright

Richard Alan Starkings - 'RS'

Archie Goodwin
Chuck Kim

Cover Artist(s):
Tim Sale

Rating (out of 10):
from 36 votes

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Search for 'Batman: The Long Halloween' on Amazon

Cover Date: October 1996
Cover Price: US $ 4.95

Issue Tagline: A Dark Knight Halloween Special in Thirteen Parts: Crime

Format: Color; Prestige Format; 48 pages

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It's a time for celebration for Carmine "The Roman" Falcone. Not only is he throwing a society wedding for his nephew, he's got the president of The Gotham City Bank ready to help in his money laundering ventures. He won't be celebrating for much longer however. His plans to launder money through the bank disolves when the president resigns after a visit from Batman, Catwoman still dares to steal from under his nose & his nephew is soon to die at the hands of a shadowy killer who leaves no trace of evidence behind. Good thing he has enemies he can take his frustration out on. Plus, a partnership against crime atop police headquarters that will change the lives of its three participants forever.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Batman - New Line (1999) #1
Batman (Hors Série) (1995) #3
Batman [ITA] (1995) #63
Batman Begins: Special DVD Issue (2005) Special Insert
Batman by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale Omnibus (2018) Omnibus
Batman Noir: The Long Halloween (2014) HC
Batman Special (1989) #26
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) Absolute Edition
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) HC
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (10th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (11th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (2011 Edition, 1st Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (2011 Edition, 3rd Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (2011 Edition, 8th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (2nd Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (3rd Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (4th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (5th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (6th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (7th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (8th Printing)
Batman: The Long Halloween (1996) TPB (Blue Cover)
DC Comics Colección Novelas Gráficas (2016) #19
Halloween Comic Fest 2013 - Batman: The Long Halloween Special Edition (2013) #1
Wielka Kolekcja Komiksów DC Comics (2016) HC vol. 07

For an indepth discussion on this issue:
Raging Bullets A DC Comics Podcast - Raging Bullets Episode 164: A DC Comics Fan Podcast

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An image for Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis) exists Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
An image for Catwoman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Selina Kyle) exists Catwoman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Selina Kyle)
Richard Daniel
An image for Gilda Grace Dent exists Gilda Grace Dent
An image for Harvey Dent exists Harvey Dent
Carmine 'The Roman' Falcone
An image for James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post-Crisis) exists James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post-Crisis)
An image for James Gordon, Jr. (DC) exists James Gordon, Jr. (DC)
  An image for Mrs. Barbara Eileen Gordon exists Mrs. Barbara Eileen Gordon
Milos Grapa
Holiday (DC)
An image for Salvatore 'The Boss' Vincent Maroni exists Salvatore 'The Boss' Vincent Maroni
An image for Two-Face (DC)(01 - Harvey Dent) exists Two-Face (DC)(01 - Harvey Dent)
Carla Falcone Viti
Johnny Viti

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