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Blue Devil (1984) - #26
"Spring Training"
DC Comics

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Dan Mishkin

Alan Kupperberg

Bill Collins

Michele Wolfman

Bob Lappan

Alan Gold

Cover Artist(s):
Paris Cullins
Gary Martin

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Cover Date: July 1986
Cover Price: US $ 0.75

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Letters Column: Speak of the Devil

Danny's Uncle Seamus puts a door on a magical nexus point for the building of a new house for Danny in Metropolis that can instantly transport him to the House of Weirdness in Malibu. As soon as Danny puts the door down, Gregory flies out, followed by Cain. Gregory gobbles up a baseball that has been sent out of Metropolis Stadium and crashes into the team headquarters, where Mr. Brandsetter, the team owner, is firing Biff Hogan for throwing a game based on a mob contract. Gregory gives Hogan the idea of a gargoyle costume, which he pays a scientist in league with The One Thousand to build for him. Hogan attacks a game that Danny is attending with his girlfriend and sister, initially thinking that he is Gregory. Hogan, calling himself the Green Gargoyle, escapes, and the Metropolis police capture Gregory instead. Cain and Danny go to see him, Cain slipping him "banana licorice bubble gum" that allows him to escape from his holding pen. Gregory helps Blue Devil to defeat the Green Gargoyle in Centennial Park, but the scientist is now using the costume, having murdered Hogan.

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An image for Blue Devil exists Blue Devil
An image for Cain (DC)(01 - Biblical) exists Cain (DC)(01 - Biblical)
Mary Frances Cassidy (DC)
  Gregory (DC) (Gargoyle)
Sharon Scott
An image for Spectre (DC)(03 - Jim Corrigan) exists Spectre (DC)(03 - Jim Corrigan)

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