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Uncanny X-Men (1963) - #11
"The Triumph of Magneto!"

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Stan 'The Man' Lee - 'Stanley Martin Lieber'

Jack 'King' Kirby

Chic Stone - 'Charles Eber Stone'

Art 'Artie' Simek

Stan 'The Man' Lee - 'Stanley Martin Lieber'

Cover Artist(s):
Jack 'King' Kirby
Chic Stone - 'Charles Eber Stone'

Rating (out of 10):
from 23 votes

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Cover Date: May 1965
Cover Price: US $ 0.12

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue

The X-Men detect the presence of a very powerful being, but are unable to see who or what it is. In the city a man is walking through town when he comes across a busy intersection. The man decides to just levitate and walk above the traffic until he realizes that he is causing a commotion. The man phases through the wall of a building that he had some strange attraction to. Inside he is greeted by Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Meanwhile the X-Men have begun a search for the powerful being believing that he is a mutant.

Magneto asks the Stranger to join the Brotherhood. In an attempt to impress the Stranger, Magneto ties him up with cables and Mastermind projects illusions of being under the ocean. The Stranger is unimpressed and uses his powers to free himself and turn Mastermind into a statue. The X-Men see the scene from outside and rush into the building where they face off against the Brotherhood. The Stranger decides to depart and opens up a vortex to depart. Magneto decides to follow him in an attempt to recruit the Stranger and the loyal Toad follows as well. The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the only villains left, but they both inform the X-Men that they are quitting the Brotherhood because they feel that they paid off their debt to Magneto and want to return to Europe.

The Stranger's vortex leads the three villains into a wooded area where Magneto demands to know what kind of mutant the Stranger is. The Stranger informs him that he is an alien from a distant planet. Believing that he is too powerful, Magneto tries to stop the Stranger, but is imprisoned instead. The X-Men are able to find the wooded area and soon find Magneto and Toad encased in their prisons. The Stranger informs them that he will be taking them back to his home planet to study their mutations and takes off. The X-Men leave the area as well when they hear police sirens. Back at the mansion, the X-Men are startled by Cerebro which has detected another very powerful presence nearby.

Reprinted/Collected in:
40 Years of X-Men (2005) DVD-ROM
Essential Classic X-Men (2006) TPB vol. 01
Essential Classic X-Men (2006) TPB vol. 01 (Second Edition)
Essential Classic X-Men (2006) TPB vol. 01 (Second Printing)
Essential Uncanny X-Men (2002) TPB vol. 01
Essential Uncanny X-Men (2002) TPB vol. 01 (Second Printing)
Magneto Ascendant (1999) #1
Marvel Gold. La Patrulla-X Original (2016) #1
Marvel Klassik (1998) #9
Marvel Masterworks (1987) #7
Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men (2003) HC vol. 02
Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men (2003) TPB vol. 02
Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men (2003) TPB vol. 02 (DM Variant)
Uncanny X-Men (1963) Annual 01
Uncanny X-Men (1963) Omnibus HC vol. 01
X-Men Epic Collection (2014) TPB vol. 01
X-Men: The Early Years (1994) #11

The annoying Stranger appears on Earth, and everyone thinks he's a mutant, even his 85 year old landlady, who despite her age speaks [what Stan Lee imagines to be] the lingo of the day ("How square can you be? You know - cabbage, jack, moola, dough - the rent!!").

The X-Men and the Brotherhood fight it out, but in the end the Stranger takes off into outer space with Magneto and the Toad.

As the Stranger leaves Earth, he says that his people are greatly interested in mutation.

Mastermind is turned to stone, which really alarms Xavier - just look at that expression on his face.

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver quit the Brotherhood.

The new status quo for the brotherhood causes Xavier to have to, er, reprogram Cerebro.

First Stranger apparition, end of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Angel (Marvel)(03 - Warren Worthington III) exists Angel (Marvel)(03 - Warren Worthington III)
An image for Beast (Marvel)(01 - Henry McCoy) exists Beast (Marvel)(01 - Henry McCoy)
Charlie (Marvel)(01 - NYPD)
An image for Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers) exists Cyclops (Marvel)(03 - Scott Summers)
An image for Iceman (Marvel) exists Iceman (Marvel)
An image for Magneto (Marvel)(01 - Max Eisenhardt) exists Magneto (Marvel)(01 - Max Eisenhardt)
  An image for Marvel Girl (Marvel)(01 - Jean Grey) exists Marvel Girl (Marvel)(01 - Jean Grey)
An image for Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde) exists Mastermind (Marvel)(01 - Jason Wyngarde)
An image for Professor X (Marvel) exists Professor X (Marvel)
An image for Quicksilver (Marvel) exists Quicksilver (Marvel)
An image for Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(01 - Wanda Maximoff) exists Scarlet Witch (Marvel)(01 - Wanda Maximoff)
An image for Stranger (Marvel) exists Stranger (Marvel)
An image for Toad (Marvel) exists Toad (Marvel)

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (01 - Original)
N.Y.P.D. (Marvel)
  X-Men (Marvel)(01 - Mutants)

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