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Femforce (1985) - #2
AC Comics

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Rebekah Black

Bill Black

Cover Artist(s):
Bill Black
Mark G. Heike

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: 1985
Cover Price: US $ 1.75

Issue Tagline: Rip-Jaw!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Letters Column: Time Lines

As Dr. Jimenez fills in the Femforce on the events leading up to their being surrounded by Arachna and her Amazons, Tara listens in. Having avoided capture, she learns about Rita's sacrifice into the time transporter and bravely enters the portal, anchoring herself to the present with a rope. The next morning, as Ms. Victory, She-Cat and the Blue Bulleteer are about to be sacrificed, Rip Jaw crashes into the Amazon city bent on stealing the time machine. As the battle rages, Tara and the rescued Rita emerge from the time portal followed by a horde of prehistoric beasts that scatter Amazon and gangster alike. The Femforce quickly take control of the city and hustle the time machine away in Rip Jaw's Rover, leaving him a captive of the Amazons. Enraged, he fights his way out, swearing to get the device back and exact violent revenge. Homebound in the V-Jet, Joan calls her daughter and is shocked to learn that an old acquaintance, Reggie Blodgett, has come to call.

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An image for Blue Bulleteer (Femforce) exists Blue Bulleteer (Femforce)
An image for Colt (Femforce) exists Colt (Femforce)
Rita Farrar
Carlos Jimenez
Ms. Victory (AC Comics)
Queen Arachna
  Rip Jaw
Satch (AC Comics)
An image for She-Cat exists She-Cat
An image for Tara (Femforce) exists Tara (Femforce)
Wallow (AC Comics)

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"Femforce: A Gentleman Named... Ripjaw!" - Edit this story

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Bill Black

Mark G. Heike

Bill Black
Mark G. Heike

J. Walter 'Walt' Paisley

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"The Last Detective: Pursuit" - Edit this story

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Mark Propst

Mark Propst

James Sanders III

Tom Scott

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Last Detective

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Joan Mann is, quite literally, the last working gumshoe in the far flung future. She returns a stolen statue and stops a gang of smugglers.

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