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All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z (2006) - #9
"Puppet Master to Shamrock"

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Chad Anderson
Chris Biggs
Ronald Byrd
Madison Carter
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Anthony Flamini
Michael Hoskin
Sean McQuaid
Eric J. Moreels - 'Comixfan'
Mark O'English
Al Sjoerdsma
Stuart Vandal

Ross Andru
Mark Bagley
Bob Budiansky
John Buscema
John Byrne
Jeffery Scott Campbell - 'J. Scott Campbell'
Ernesto "Ernie" Chan - 'Ernie Chua'
Tony Daniel - 'Antonio Salvador Daniel'
Alan Davis
Valentine DeLandro
Steve Dillon
Juan Doe
Bill Everett
Pasqual Ferry - 'Pasqual Ferrandiz/Pascual Ferry/Pascal Ferry/Pa'
Steve Gan
German Garcia
Manuel Garcia
Ron Garney
Tom Grummett
Jackson 'Butch' Guice
Clayton Henry
Phillip 'Phil' Hester
Dennis J. Jensen
Jack 'King' Kirby
Leonard Kirk
Scott Kolins
Andy Kubert
Salvador Larroca
Jim Lee
Richard 'Rik' Levins
Ron Lim
Jorge Lucas
Leonardo Manco
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Ariel Olivetti
Carlos Pacheco
George Pérez
Mike Perkins
Keith Pollard
Adam Pollina
Eric Powell
Joe Quesada
Stefano Raffaele
Khary Randolph
Tom Raney
John Romita Jr.
Dave Ross
Luke Ross - 'Luciano Queiroz'
Melvin Rubi
Dumuria Rumph
Paul Ryan
Javier Saltares
John Powers Severin - 'Nireves'
Sydney 'Syd' Shores
Bill Sienkiewicz
Marc Silvestri
Paul Martin Smith - 'PMS'
Ryan Sook
Herb Trimpe - 'Herbert Waldo Trimpe'
George Tuska
Sal Velluto
Joe Vriens
John Watson

Tom Smith

Jennifer Grünwald
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Keu Cha

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Cover Date: November 2006
Cover Price: US $3.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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An image for Juston's Sentinel exists Juston's Sentinel
An image for Puppet Master (Marvel) exists Puppet Master (Marvel)
An image for Quicksilver (Marvel) exists Quicksilver (Marvel)
An image for Radioactive Man (Marvel)(01 - Chen Lu) exists Radioactive Man (Marvel)(01 - Chen Lu)
An image for Radius (02 - Jared Corbo) exists Radius (02 - Jared Corbo)
An image for Monica Rappaccini exists Monica Rappaccini
An image for Rawhide Kid (02 - Johnny Bart) exists Rawhide Kid (02 - Johnny Bart)
An image for Razorback (Marvel)(01 - Buford T. Hollis) exists Razorback (Marvel)(01 - Buford T. Hollis)
An image for Red Ghost (Marvel) exists Red Ghost (Marvel)
An image for Red Queen (Marvel)(Earth-998)(Jean Grey) exists Red Queen (Marvel)(Earth-998)(Jean Grey)
An image for Red Wolf (03 - William Talltrees) exists Red Wolf (03 - William Talltrees)
An image for Cecilia Reyes exists Cecilia Reyes
An image for Nathaniel Richards exists Nathaniel Richards
An image for Rictor (Marvel) exists Rictor (Marvel)
An image for Ringer (Marvel)(01 - Anthony Davis) exists Ringer (Marvel)(01 - Anthony Davis)
An image for Ringer (Marvel)(02 - Keith Kraft) exists Ringer (Marvel)(02 - Keith Kraft)
An image for Risque (Marvel) exists Risque (Marvel)
An image for Rocket Racer exists Rocket Racer
  An image for Ronan the Accuser exists Ronan the Accuser
An image for Russian exists Russian
An image for S'Byll exists S'Byll
An image for Sabra exists Sabra
An image for Salomé (Marvel)(Occult being) exists Salomé (Marvel)(Occult being)
An image for Sasquatch (Marvel)(01 - Walter Langkowski) exists Sasquatch (Marvel)(01 - Walter Langkowski)
An image for Sat-yr<sup>9</sup> exists Sat-yr9
An image for Saturnyne exists Saturnyne
An image for Scarlet Centurion (02 - Marcus Kang) exists Scarlet Centurion (02 - Marcus Kang)
An image for Scorpion (Marvel)(02 - Carmilla Black) exists Scorpion (Marvel)(02 - Carmilla Black)
An image for Nicholas Scratch (Marvel) exists Nicholas Scratch (Marvel)
An image for James Patrick Scully exists James Patrick Scully
An image for Sentry (Marvel)(02 - Robert Reynolds) exists Sentry (Marvel)(02 - Robert Reynolds)
An image for Juston Seyfert exists Juston Seyfert
An image for Shade (Marvel) exists Shade (Marvel)
An image for Shadow King (Marvel) exists Shadow King (Marvel)
An image for Shamrock (02 - Molly Fitzgerald) exists Shamrock (02 - Molly Fitzgerald)

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Redeemers (Marvel)
Roxxon Corporation (Marvel)
Secret Empire
Sentinels (Marvel)

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