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Showcase (1956) - #60
DC Comics

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Julius Schwartz

Cover Artist(s):
Murphy Anderson

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Cover Date: Jan/Feb 1966
Cover Price: US $ 0.12

Issue Tagline: A combat of colossal chills between the GHOSTLY GUARDIAN and a DARK DEMON in a full-length SPECTRE-ACULAR . . . "The WAR THAT SHOOK the UNIVERSE!"

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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Reprinted/Collected in:
Adventure Comics (1938) #491
Showcase Presents: The Spectre (2012) TPB vol. 01

As the title suggests, this is "return" of the Spectre to the DCU. The question one has to ask, though, is what part of the DCU is the Spectre inhabiting? Is it Earth 1 or Earth 2? Don't expect the story to give you much help finding out. It could be either. On the one hand, the character isn't completely re-invented, as most virtually every "minor" hero of the Golden Age was if they wanted to make it to Schwartz' Earth 1. On the other hand, the Spectre is inexplicably more powerful than he was in his last appearance, 21 years earlier. Still, he's returned to a level of power similar to what he had at the very start of his Golden Age run. Add in the fact that the Spectre is shown in the 21st century to remember the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, and it's easy to imagine that he's actually above discussion of whether he exists on one Earth or the other. He simply exists, period.

Still, the inclusion of yet another hero of the Golden Age in Showcase gives rise to the thought that the magazine is increasingly being used to revive fairly obscure heroes from the past more or less as they used to be. Ironic, really, for a title that is today most famous for giving us brand new versions of the Flash and Atom.

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