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Black September (1995) Infinity - Comic Book DB

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Black September (1995) - Infinity
"The Nanosecond the Earth Stood Still"
Ultraverse (Malibu)

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Phil S. Crain
Dan Danko
Jerald DeVictoria
Roland Mann
Chris Ulm

Steven D. Butler
Keith Conroy
Gabriel Hardman - 'Gabriel Gecko'
M.C. Wyman

Thomas Florimonte - 'Tommy'
Steve Moncuse
Bob Petrecca
Scott Reed
Larry Welch

Malibu ('Malibu's Hues')
Kurtis Fujita
Ashley Posella

Vickie Williams

Phil S. Crain

Cover Artist(s):
George Cox III - 'GCOX3'
Thomas Florimonte - 'Tommy'
Ken Lashley

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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Cover Date: September 1995
Cover Price: US $ 1.50

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

There are other versions of this issue in the database:
Black September (1995) Infinity Painted Variant

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Black September

Black Knight's defeat of Nemesis sends the Infinity Gems their separate ways and into humanoid forms, all except the Reality Gem and the Time Gem.

The Reality Gem finds Amber Hunt living in the wilderness subsequent plummeting to Earth after the events of Break-Thru. It takes her to an alternate version of Los Angeles where Warstrike is king, his daughter, Jamie, is a young fairy tale princess, Nicholas Lone (Solitaire) is his closest ally, Necromantra is his wife, and Lord Pumpkin and Jimmy Ruiz are chained enemies.

Bond is not happy with Warstrike's reign, nor is just about anyone else, and he and many Ultraverse heroes, along with a mass of opponents led by Yrial, seek to consquer him.

Warstrike seriously wounds Nicholas in battle, upsetting Jamie. Amber Hunt arrives and tells her that the gems have to be reunited, even though it means the end of her reality. Realizing he has been in the wrong, Warstrike tells her they have to give her the gem.

The Time Gem takes Amber Hunt to the exact moment the Infinity Gems separated from Nemesis and freezes her in a nulling sphere to stop the Nemesis waves, staying a nanosecond apart from the other gems so that two Time Gems will not create a time paradox and destroy Nemesis, Realty, and Time forever.

Having existed in the moment of the first wave's release, it is unstoppable without destroying everything, which permanently alters Reality and Time, but by Amber Hunt converting the second wave, they will not be destroyed. The narrator calls her a knight in echoing the actions of the Black Knight, but she is returned to her near-feral state after saving the universe.

This issue the is a direct follow-up to Avengers/UltraForce #1 and relates directly to Marvel's acquisition of Ultraverse (mainly because they wanted Malibu's coloring process) and incorporating the Ultraverse into the Marvel Multiverse.

Contains a large spread of characters on pages 20-21 that are owned by neither Malibu nor Marvel, Goku from Dragon Ball Z, Boba Fett from Star Wars, and Destro from G.I. Joe among the better known.

Chris Ulm, Jerald De'Victoria and Phil Crain are credited with the concept, Jerald De'Victoria with the plot, Dan Danko with the dialogue, and Roland Mann wrote pages 10-17.

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An image for Adam Warlock (Marvel)(01 - Earth-616) exists Adam Warlock (Marvel)(01 - Earth-616)
An image for Black Knight (Marvel)(03 - Dane Whitman) exists Black Knight (Marvel)(03 - Dane Whitman)
An image for Billy Connors (Marvel) exists Billy Connors (Marvel)
Deadeye (Ultraverse)
An image for Destro (01 - James McCullen Destro XXIV) exists Destro (01 - James McCullen Destro XXIV)
An image for Diamondback (Marvel)(02 - Rachel Leighton) exists Diamondback (Marvel)(02 - Rachel Leighton)
Dirt Devil
An image for Boba Fett exists Boba Fett
Gemini (Ultraverse) (01 - Erik Johnson)
Gemini (Ultraverse) (02 - Noel Robinson)
An image for Amber Hunt exists Amber Hunt
Iron Clad
An image for Juggernaut (Marvel)(01 - Cain Marko) exists Juggernaut (Marvel)(01 - Cain Marko)
An image for Lizard (Marvel)(01 - Curt Connors) exists Lizard (Marvel)(01 - Curt Connors)
An image for Lord Pumpkin exists Lord Pumpkin
An image for Mantra (02 - Lauren Sherwood) exists Mantra (02 - Lauren Sherwood)
Mastodon (Ultraverse)
Nail (Ultraverse)
An image for Nemesis (Marvel)(01 - Infinity Gems) exists Nemesis (Marvel)(01 - Infinity Gems)
An image for Night Man exists Night Man
  Pistol (Ultraverse)
An image for Prime (Ultraverse) exists Prime (Ultraverse)
An image for Prototype (01 - Bob Campbell) exists Prototype (01 - Bob Campbell)
An image for Prototype (02 - Jimmy Ruiz) exists Prototype (02 - Jimmy Ruiz)
An image for Reaper (Marvel)(02 - Pantu Hurageb) exists Reaper (Marvel)(02 - Pantu Hurageb)
An image for Rune exists Rune
An image for Shuriken (Ultraverse) exists Shuriken (Ultraverse)
An image for Siren (Ultraverse) exists Siren (Ultraverse)
An image for Sludge exists Sludge
Solitaire (Ultraverse)
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker)
An image for Strike exists Strike
Jamie Tark
An image for Taskmaster (Marvel) exists Taskmaster (Marvel)
Tooth (Ultraverse)
An image for Topaz (Ultraverse) exists Topaz (Ultraverse)
War Eagle (Ultraverse)
An image for Warstrike exists Warstrike
An image for Yrial exists Yrial

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Exiles (Ultraverse)

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