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The New Adventures of Superboy (1980) - #16
"The Super-Secret Of Smallville"
DC Comics

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Julius Schwartz

Cover Artist(s):
David 'Dave' Hunt
Kurt Schaffenberger

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: April 1981
Cover Price: US $ 0.50

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 36 pages

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"The Super-Secret of Smallville" - Edit this story

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Cary Bates

Kurt Schaffenberger

David 'Dave' Hunt

Jerry Serpe

Milton 'Milt' Snappin

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Dr. Elaine Crosley
Christopher Drayton
Dan Drayton
An image for Jonathan 'Pa' Kent (01 - Earth-1) exists Jonathan 'Pa' Kent (01 - Earth-1)
An image for Martha 'Ma' Kent (01 - Earth-1) exists Martha 'Ma' Kent (01 - Earth-1)
An image for Lana Lang (DC)(Earth-1) exists Lana Lang (DC)(Earth-1)
An image for Police Chief Douglas Parker (Earth-1) exists Police Chief Douglas Parker (Earth-1)
An image for Superboy (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(01-Clark Kent) exists Superboy (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(01-Clark Kent)

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The Drayton-Crosleys are finding that their son, Chrstopher, isn't living up to what they assume is his genetic potential. Since Mom's a PhD and Dad's an Olympic-calibre athlete, they really expected more out of their son. So Mom goes to Smallville in search of what she believes is the source of Superboy's power. She reasons, in error, that he must have to "recharge" himself using some kind of device. Her snooping leads her to the Kryptonian rocket the Kents have tucked away on the farm, thereby learning Superboy's secret identity.

Meanwhile Christopher gets kidnapped, throwing the nosy parents into emotional turmoil. When Superboy rescues Christopher, the parents are grateful enough to submit to hypnosis so they'll forget who Superboy is. In the end, those solid Kent values make the couple realize that Christopher is a fine son, no matter what his "powers" are.

Though not necessarily original to this issue, we see here a theme that would nevertheless be important to the first two seasons of Smallville: Jor-El's rocket is a dangerous thing to store on the Kent's property.

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"The Superboy Training of Clark Kent" - Edit this story

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Bob H. Rozakis

John Calnan

David 'Dave' Hunt

Phil Rachelson - 'Phil Rache'

Ben Oda

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An image for John Kent (Earth-2) exists John Kent (Earth-2)
An image for Mary Kent (Earth-2) exists Mary Kent (Earth-2)
An image for Superboy (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(01-Clark Kent) exists Superboy (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(01-Clark Kent)
An image for Superman (DC)(Golden Age/Undefined Earth) exists Superman (DC)(Golden Age/Undefined Earth)

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This story is fairly important to the overall "shape" of the DCU, as the DCU has almost always been rather "Kent-centric". Here, we discover definitively through the narrative that Superboy was never an Earth-2 character. This one story retroactively affected comic books stretching back to More Fun #101.

This second part of the story would cause some mind-bendingly difficult issues later on down the road. If Superboy was the inspiration for Superman of Earth 2 (that is, the original Superman), and Superboy winked out of existence during Crisis on Infinite Earths, wouldn't Superman of Earth 2's reality have changed just prior to him "winning" the Crisis? According to this story, Clark Kent of Earth 2 might well have had a long career as a circus acrobat without Superboy's intervention.

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