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I Hate Fairyland (2015) HC vol. 02 - Comic Book DB

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I Hate Fairyland (2015) - HC vol. 02
"I Hate Fairyland, Book Two" (DCBS Exclusive)
Image Comics Inc.

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Skottie Young

Dean Rankine
Skottie Young

Dean Rankine
Skottie Young

Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Nate Piekos

Kent Wagenschutz

Cover Artist(s):
Rian Hughes
Skottie Young

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: September 2019
Cover Price: US $ 34.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Hardcover

This is a version of the following issue:
I Hate Fairyland (2015) HC vol. 02 - I Hate Fairyland, Book Two

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None entered.

I Hate Fairyland (2015) #11
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #12
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #13
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #14
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #15
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #16
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #17
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #18
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #19
I Hate Fairyland (2015) #20
I Hate Image (2017) FCBD Special

ISBN: 978-1-5343-1491-7

Logo design by Rian Hughes.

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An image for Badrock exists Badrock
An image for Bandit (Descender) exists Bandit (Descender)
An image for Barque exists Barque
An image for Chapel (Extreme) exists Chapel (Extreme)
An image for Anthony J. 'Tony' Chu exists Anthony J. 'Tony' Chu
An image for Mackenzie 'Mac' Coyle exists Mackenzie 'Mac' Coyle
The Darkness (Top Cow)(Rebirth)(Jackie Estacado)
Duncan (I Hate Fairyland)
An image for Gert (I Hate Fairyland) exists Gert (I Hate Fairyland)
An image for Carl Grimes exists Carl Grimes
An image for Rick Grimes exists Rick Grimes
Gwag the Barbarian
An image for Cassandra 'Cassie' Hack exists Cassandra 'Cassie' Hack
An image for Happy (I Hate Fairyland) exists Happy (I Hate Fairyland)
An image for Michonne Hawthorne (Walking Dead) exists Michonne Hawthorne (Walking Dead)
An image for Hip Flask exists Hip Flask
An image for Horribella exists Horribella
An image for Invincible (Skybound)(01 - Mark Grayson) exists Invincible (Skybound)(01 - Mark Grayson)
Robert Kirkman
An image for KJ (Paper Girls) exists KJ (Paper Girls)
An image for Larry (I Hate Fairyland) exists Larry (I Hate Fairyland)
An image for Erik Larsen exists Erik Larsen
An image for Lying Cat exists Lying Cat
  An image for Marko (Saga) exists Marko (Saga)
Todd McFarlane
An image for Grant McKay exists Grant McKay
An image for Pitt exists Pitt
An image for Prince Robot IV exists Prince Robot IV
An image for Prophet (Extreme) exists Prophet (Extreme)
An image for Queen Cloudia exists Queen Cloudia
An image for Tiffany Quilkin exists Tiffany Quilkin
An image for Savage Dragon exists Savage Dragon
An image for ShadowHawk (01 - Paul Johnstone) exists ShadowHawk (01 - Paul Johnstone)
An image for Shaft (Extreme) exists Shaft (Extreme)
Marc Silvestri
Sir Nimbus
An image for Spawn (01 - Al Simmons) exists Spawn (01 - Al Simmons)
An image for The Stalk exists The Stalk
Eric Stephenson
An image for SuperPatriot (Image) exists SuperPatriot (Image)
An image for Erin Tieng exists Erin Tieng
An image for Tim-22 exists Tim-22
Jim Valentino
An image for The Will exists The Will
Witchblade (Top Cow)(Rebirth)(Sara Pezzini)
An image for Wolf-Man exists Wolf-Man

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