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Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection (2013) - TPB vol. 17
"Kraven's Last Hunt" (Second printing)
Epic Comics (Marvel)

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Peter Allen David - 'PAD'
John Marc 'J.M.' DeMatteis
Ken McDonald
David Michelinie
James Christopher 'Jim' Owsley
Fred Schiller
Jim Shooter

Mark Beachum
Mark D. Bright - 'Doc Bright'
Steve Geiger
Alan Kupperberg
Tom Morgan
John Romita Jr.
Paul Ryan
Alexander 'Alex' Saviuk
Mike Zeck

Jack Abel - 'Gary Michaels'
Kyle Baker
Vincent Joseph Colletta - 'Vince / Vinnie / P. Zorito'
Jim Fern - 'James Bosch'
Steve Geiger
Bob McLeod
Art Nichols
Bob Wiacek
Keith Williams
Al Williamson

Janet 'JayJay' Jackson
George Roussos - 'George Bell / T.S. Chu / Sam Kato'
Petra Scotese
Bob Sharen
Mike Zeck

James R. 'Jim' Novak
Bill Oakley
Richard 'Rick' Parker

Axel Alonso
Mark D. Beazley
Madeleine S. Blaustein - 'Adam S. Blaustein'
Jennifer 'Jen' Grünwald
Glenn Alan Herdling
Terry Kavanagh
Ann Nocenti
Caitlin O'Connell
James Christopher 'Jim' Owsley
Jim Salicrup
Kateri Woody

Cover Artist(s):
Veronica 'Vero' Gandini
Bob McLeod
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Mike Zeck

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: 2018
Cover Price: US $ 39.99

Issue Tagline: The Ultimate Tale Of Revenge!

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 496 pages

This is a version of the following issue:
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection (2013) TPB vol. 17 - Kraven's Last Hunt

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