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Carnage Omnibus (2018) - Omnibus
"Carnage Omnibus"

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Cullen Bunn
Gerry Conway
Gerry Duggan
Peter Milligan
Kevin Shinick
Rick Spears
Zeb Wells
Christopher Yost

Reilly Brown
Clayton Crain
Salvador 'Salva' Espin
Mike Henderson
Kim Jacinto
Lan Medina
Germįn Peralta
Mike Perkins
Khoi Pham
Stephen Jorge Segovia
Declan Shalvey
John Timms

Javier Bergantińo - 'Bit'
Clayton Crain
Salvador 'Salva' Espin
Mike Henderson
Kim Jacinto
Karl Kesel
Lan Medina
Jaime Mendoza
Thomas 'Tom' Palmer Sr.
Germįn Peralta
Mike Perkins
Khoi Pham
Roberto Poggi
Stephen Jorge Segovia
Declan Shalvey
Cam Smith
Chris Sotomayor - 'Soto'
Walden Wong

Rainier 'Rain' Beredo
Clayton Crain
David Curiel
Edgar Delgado - 'Pato'
Veronica 'Vero' Gandini
Lee Loughridge
Jay David Ramos
Chris Sotomayor - 'Soto'
Andy Troy

Virtual Calligraphy
Joe Caramagna
Clayton Cowles
Albert W. Deschesne - 'Comicraft/AD'
Chris Eliopoulos - '(principally a letterer)'
Randy Gentile
Cory Petit

Axel Alonso
Sana Amanat
Alejandro Arbona
Charles Beacham
Thomas 'Tom' Brennan
Frankie Johnson
Devin Lewis
Nicholas Albert 'Nick' Lowe
Michael 'Mike' Marts
John Miesegaes
Joe Quesada
Darren Shan - '(Editor)'
Warren Simons
Stephen Wacker
Jordan D. White

Cover Artist(s):
Clayton Crain

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: 2018
Cover Price: US $ 125.00

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Hardcover; 1168 pages

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None entered.

All-New, All-Different Point One (2015) #1
AXIS: Carnage (2014) #1
AXIS: Carnage (2014) #2
AXIS: Carnage (2014) #3
Carnage (2010) #1
Carnage (2010) #2
Carnage (2010) #3
Carnage (2010) #4
Carnage (2010) #5
Carnage (2016) #1
Carnage (2016) #2
Carnage (2016) #3
Carnage (2016) #4
Carnage (2016) #5
Carnage (2016) #6
Carnage (2016) #7
Carnage (2016) #8
Carnage (2016) #9
Carnage (2016) #10
Carnage (2016) #11
Carnage (2016) #12
Carnage (2016) #13
Carnage (2016) #14
Carnage (2016) #15
Carnage (2016) #16
Carnage, U.S.A. (2012) #1
Carnage, U.S.A. (2012) #2
Carnage, U.S.A. (2012) #3
Carnage, U.S.A. (2012) #4
Carnage, U.S.A. (2012) #5
Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014) #1
Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014) #2
Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014) #3
Deadpool vs. Carnage (2014) #4
Minimum Carnage: Alpha (2012) One-Shot
Minimum Carnage: Omega (2013) #1
Nova (2013) #26
Nova (2013) #27
Scarlet Spider (2012) #10
Scarlet Spider (2012) #11
Superior Carnage (2013) Annual 01
Superior Carnage (2013) #1
Superior Carnage (2013) #2
Superior Carnage (2013) #3
Superior Carnage (2013) #4
Superior Carnage (2013) #5
Venom (2011) #26
Venom (2011) #27
Venom vs. Carnage (2004) #1
Venom vs. Carnage (2004) #2
Venom vs. Carnage (2004) #3
Venom vs. Carnage (2004) #4

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An image for Annabelle Adams exists Annabelle Adams
An image for Agony (Marvel)(02 - James Murphy) exists Agony (Marvel)(02 - James Murphy)
An image for Eva Alexander exists Eva Alexander
An image for Jesse Alexander exists Jesse Alexander
An image for Kaelynn Alexander exists Kaelynn Alexander
An image for Beast (Marvel)(01 - Henry McCoy) exists Beast (Marvel)(01 - Henry McCoy)
An image for Bentley 23 (Marvel) exists Bentley 23 (Marvel)
An image for Black Cat (Marvel) exists Black Cat (Marvel)
An image for Brother Gregori exists Brother Gregori
An image for Bug (Marvel)(01 - Microverse) exists Bug (Marvel)(01 - Microverse)
Burnt Orange
An image for Manuela Calderon exists Manuela Calderon
An image for Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers) exists Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
An image for Carnage (Marvel) exists Carnage (Marvel)
Carnage Cosmic (Marvel)(Earth-985)
An image for Carrie (Marvel) exists Carrie (Marvel)
An image for Carrion (02 - Malcolm McBride) exists Carrion (02 - Malcolm McBride)
An image for Chthon (Marvel) exists Chthon (Marvel)
Ted Connelly
An image for Deadpool (Marvel)(01 - Wade Wilson) exists Deadpool (Marvel)(01 - Wade Wilson)
An image for Demogoblin (Marvel)(N'Astirh) exists Demogoblin (Marvel)(N'Astirh)
An image for Claire Dixon exists Claire Dixon
An image for Dogpool (Marvel)(Earth-103173) exists Dogpool (Marvel)(Earth-103173)
An image for Doppelganger (Marvel) exists Doppelganger (Marvel)
An image for Brandon Duggan exists Brandon Duggan
An image for Dwarf (Marvel) exists Dwarf (Marvel)
An image for Flare (Marvel)(02 - Microns) exists Flare (Marvel)(02 - Microns)
An image for Giant-Man (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym) exists Giant-Man (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym)
An image for Alice Gleason exists Alice Gleason
An image for Barry Gleason exists Barry Gleason
Gun Metal
An image for Michael Hall exists Michael Hall
An image for Hawkeye (Marvel)(01 - Clint Barton) exists Hawkeye (Marvel)(01 - Clint Barton)
An image for Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner) exists Hulk (Marvel)(01 - Bruce Banner)
Scott Ian
An image for Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark) exists Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark)
An image for John Jameson (Marvel) exists John Jameson (Marvel)
An image for John 'J.' Jonah Jameson, Jr. (Marvel) exists John 'J.' Jonah Jameson, Jr. (Marvel)
An image for Louise Kasady exists Louise Kasady
An image for Roscoe Kasady exists Roscoe Kasady
An image for Dr. Kettlewell exists Dr. Kettlewell
An image for Katy Kiernan exists Katy Kiernan
An image for Klaw (Marvel) exists Klaw (Marvel)
An image for Lasher (Marvel)(03 - Marcus Simms) exists Lasher (Marvel)(03 - Marcus Simms)
An image for Lasher (Marvel)(04 - War Dog) exists Lasher (Marvel)(04 - War Dog)
  An image for Wally Layton exists Wally Layton
An image for Lizard (Marvel)(01 - Curt Connors) exists Lizard (Marvel)(01 - Curt Connors)
An image for Dr. Karl Malus exists Dr. Karl Malus
An image for Man-Ape (Marvel) exists Man-Ape (Marvel)
An image for Man-Bull (Marvel) exists Man-Bull (Marvel)
An image for Man-Wolf exists Man-Wolf
An image for Marionette (Marvel) exists Marionette (Marvel)
Donald Meland
An image for Victoria Montesi exists Victoria Montesi
Edward Mulligan (Marvel)
Gina Mulligan (Marvel)
An image for Nova (Marvel)(03 - Sam Alexander) exists Nova (Marvel)(03 - Sam Alexander)
An image for Obrien (Marvel) exists Obrien (Marvel)
Pandapool (Marvel) (Earth-TRN312)
Paris Green
An image for Phage (Marvel)(02 - Rico Axelson) exists Phage (Marvel)(02 - Rico Axelson)
An image for Mr. Philbin exists Mr. Philbin
David Hyde Pierce
An image for Quark (Marvel)(02 - Microverse) exists Quark (Marvel)(02 - Microverse)
An image for Arcturus Rann exists Arcturus Rann
An image for Raze (Marvel)(03 - Claire Dixon) exists Raze (Marvel)(03 - Claire Dixon)
An image for Redeemer (Marvel)(03 - Microverse) exists Redeemer (Marvel)(03 - Microverse)
An image for Riot (Marvel)(04 - Howard Ogden) exists Riot (Marvel)(04 - Howard Ogden)
An image for Royal Blue exists Royal Blue
An image for Sandman (Marvel) exists Sandman (Marvel)
An image for Scarlet Spider (Marvel)(01 - Ben Reilly) exists Scarlet Spider (Marvel)(01 - Ben Reilly)
An image for Scarlet Spider (Marvel)(05 - Kaine Parker) exists Scarlet Spider (Marvel)(05 - Kaine Parker)
An image for Mrs. Schaefer exists Mrs. Schaefer
An image for Scorn (Marvel) exists Scorn (Marvel)
An image for Sentry (Marvel)(02 - Robert Reynolds) exists Sentry (Marvel)(02 - Robert Reynolds)
An image for Shriek (Marvel) exists Shriek (Marvel)
An image for Sin-Eater (Marvel)(04 - Emil Gregg) exists Sin-Eater (Marvel)(04 - Emil Gregg)
An image for Yuvraj Singh exists Yuvraj Singh
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(01 - Peter Parker)
An image for Spider-Man (Marvel)(05 - Otto Octavius) exists Spider-Man (Marvel)(05 - Otto Octavius)
An image for Thing (Marvel)(01 - Ben Grimm) exists Thing (Marvel)(01 - Ben Grimm)
An image for Toxin (Marvel)(02 - Patrick Mulligan) exists Toxin (Marvel)(02 - Patrick Mulligan)
An image for Toxin (Marvel)(04 - Eddie Brock) exists Toxin (Marvel)(04 - Eddie Brock)
An image for Jubulile Van Scotter exists Jubulile Van Scotter
An image for Venom (Marvel)(01 - Eddie Brock) exists Venom (Marvel)(01 - Eddie Brock)
An image for Venom (Marvel)(04 - Flash Thompson) exists Venom (Marvel)(04 - Flash Thompson)
An image for Venom Symbiote (Marvel) exists Venom Symbiote (Marvel)
An image for Wizard (Marvel) exists Wizard (Marvel)
An image for Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett) exists Wolverine (Marvel)(01 - James 'Logan' Howlett)
Xerxes (Marvel)

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