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52 (2006) - #2
"Looking Back At Tomorrow"
DC Comics

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Dan DiDio

Cover Artist(s):
J. G. Jones - 'Jeffrey Glen Jones'
Alex Sinclair - 'Sinc'

Rating (out of 10):
from 70 votes

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Cover Date: May 17 2006
Cover Price: US $ 2.50


Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
52 (2006) 2016 Edition TPB vol. 01
52 (2006) Omnibus HC
52 (2006) TPB vol. 01
52 (2006) TPB vol. 01 (2nd Printing)
52 (2006) TPB vol. 01 (3rd Printing)
52 [ITA] (2007) #2
DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection [GER] (2015) Premium 06

Price Value $3.00 (10/18)

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"Looking Back at Tomorrow" - Edit this story

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Geoff Johns
Grant Morrison
Greg Rucka
Mark Waid

Joe Bennett - 'Benedito Jose Nascimento'
Keith Ian Giffen

Jack Jadson

Alex Sinclair - 'Sinc'

Travis Lanham

Jann Jones
Harvey Richards
Stephen Wacker

Cover Artist(s):
J. G. Jones - 'Jeffrey Glen Jones'
Alex Sinclair - 'Sinc'

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this story
An image for Booster Gold (DC) exists Booster Gold (DC)
An image for Sue Dearbon Dibny (DC) exists Sue Dearbon Dibny (DC)
An image for Elongated Man (DC) exists Elongated Man (DC)
An image for Iron (DC) exists Iron (DC)
An image for Doctor William Maxwell Magnus (DC) exists Doctor William Maxwell Magnus (DC)
An image for Renee Maria Montoya exists Renee Maria Montoya
An image for Professor Thomas Oscar 'T.O.' Morrow (DC) exists Professor Thomas Oscar 'T.O.' Morrow (DC)
An image for Mr. Mind (03 - New Earth) exists Mr. Mind (03 - New Earth)
An image for James Bartholomew 'Jimmy' Olsen (DC)(Post Crisis) exists James Bartholomew 'Jimmy' Olsen (DC)(Post Crisis)
An image for Platinum (DC) exists Platinum (DC)
An image for Question (DC)(01 - Vic Sage) exists Question (DC)(01 - Vic Sage)
An image for Skeets (DC) exists Skeets (DC)
An image for Wonder Girl (DC)(02 - Cassie Sandsmark) exists Wonder Girl (DC)(02 - Cassie Sandsmark)

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Cult of Connor
Daily Planet (DC)(Post Crisis)

His late wife’s tombstone vandalized, Ralph Dibny starts his week by taking snapshots of the tombstone. He knows that this wasn’t random. “This is someone leaving a message for me the one place they know I’ll find it.”

Booster Gold brings the malfunctioning Skeets to the “foremost authority on android AI”, Dr. Will Magnus, the creator of the Metal Men. Unfortunately, Magnus was unable to find any damage within Skeets. They pray that Skeets’ time discrepancy was just a glitch, “because if it wasn’t a glitch, somebody is messing with the fabric of time.”

Even though history views him as the father of AI, Magnus knows that there is someone else who is smarter than he in their respective field, Dr. Thomas Oscar Morrow, or T.O. Morrow. Magnus visits Morrow, who is locked in the Haven, a community prison for low level super-villains. He tells him of the “death” of the Red Tornado during the Crisis. Morrow, in return, tells Magnus of a series of disappearances in their field of expertise. Someone is kidnapping scientists. Mad scientists. He warns Magnus to be careful “and keep taking my anti-depressants.”

Renee Montoya, having been left by her partner, falls on her vice other than drinking: women. She lies in bead, cradling a beautiful woman when she hears a man in the room ask her “Who are you?” She goes for her gun and fires at the intruder in her home, at the man with no face. She blinks and he vanishes and all that is left is a small piece of paper with 520 Kane St written on it alongside a large question mark.

Booster Gold and Skeets fly out to intercept a falling airplane. Skeets says that Flight 2824 is going to fall in form the North. However, they discover that Skeets doesn’t have a glitch, and Booster just barely dodges Flight 2824 coming in from the South. Booster manages to save the plane and all aboard and believes Skeets when he says that it was a “merely a last residual glitch in my self-corrective programming” and has been fixed. Booster saved Flight 2824 in Metropolis, but in Sydney, Flight 2428 crashes, killing hundreds.

Montoya stares at the piece of paper, thinking about what the man with no face asked her. Who are you? Not knowing how to answer, she decides to go investigate 520 Kane St. Unfortunately, the abandoned building doesn’t do much to entertain her time. But before she could get leave to get back to her bottle, the no-face man walks out of a mist that wasn’t there a moment ago. She tries to attack him, but he easily stops it and throws her into a few garbage cans. He then goes on to say that he’s hiring her as a detective, first three weeks paid in advance. Before disappearing into another mist, he gives her some advice: “Don’t judge the building by how it looks, judge it by how it’s being used and by who uses it . . .”

A woman leans over a Kryptonian alter, preaching a gospel over the internet via webcam. Replicas of Kryptonian crystals surround the alter and a larger-than-life golden statue of a flying man with an S-Shield on his chest soars above it. Wonder Girl ends the transmission and is about to leave the room in Titans Tower when she is surprised by the arrival of Ralph Dibny. He tells her of the defacement of his wife’s grave and that he believes that it came from her. When asked why, he says because she, like him, did her homework when it came to the church. That it was very authentic to Krypton. He then moved on to the S-Shield and how it had a meaning on Krypton as a message of hope. Pulling out a picture of his wife’s tombstone, he shows the message of an inverted S-Shield sprayed onto it and how it has a very different meaning when inverted. Resurrection.

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"History of the DC Universe Part 1" - Edit this story

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Dan Jurgens

Dan Jurgens
Arthur Edward 'Art' Thibert

Arthur Edward 'Art' Thibert

Jeromy N. Cox
Guy Major

Nick J. Napolitano

Eddie Berganza
Ivan Cohen
Jeanine Schaefer

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this story
An image for Anthro exists Anthro
An image for Batman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis) exists Batman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Enemy Ace exists Enemy Ace
An image for Firestorm (DC)(01 - Martin Stein/Ronnie Raymond) exists Firestorm (DC)(01 - Martin Stein/Ronnie Raymond)
An image for Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick) exists Flash (DC)(01 - Jay Garrick)
An image for Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen) exists Flash (DC)(02 - Barry Allen)
An image for Green Lantern (DC)(01 - Alan Scott) exists Green Lantern (DC)(01 - Alan Scott)
An image for Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan) exists Green Lantern (DC)(02 - Hal Jordan)
An image for Hawkman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(02 - Katar Hol) exists Hawkman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)(02 - Katar Hol)
An image for Hawkman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis) exists Hawkman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Jonah Woodson Hex (DC) exists Jonah Woodson Hex (DC)
An image for Krona exists Krona
Power Ring (DC)(Earth-3 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Robin (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis) exists Robin (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Silent Knight exists Silent Knight
An image for Spectre (DC)(03 - Jim Corrigan) exists Spectre (DC)(03 - Jim Corrigan)
An image for Superman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis) exists Superman (DC)(Earth-1 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Superman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis) exists Superman (DC)(Earth-2 - Pre Crisis)
An image for Donna Troy exists Donna Troy

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Green Lantern Corps (DC)
Guardians of the Universe (DC)
Manhunters (DC)

Donna Troy begins dictating the history of the Pre-Crisis DC Universe from the dawn of time to Superman's arrival on Earth.

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