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Harley's Little Black Book (2016) - HC
"Harley's Little Black Book"
DC Comics

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Amanda Conner
Jimmy Palmiotti

Neal Adams
Flaviano Armentaro - 'Flaviano'
Simon Bisley
Amanda Conner
Dave Johnson - 'Reverend Dave / Cornelius / Crusher Dave'
Joseph Michael Linsner
Alain Mauricet - 'Mauricet'
John Timms
William Elliott "Billy" Tucci

Hi-Fi Colour Design
Paul Mounts

Marilyn Patrizio
Dave Sharpe

Chris D. Conroy
Mark Doyle
Dave Wielgosz - 'Dave Wielgus'
Robin Wildman
Jeb Woodard

Cover Artist(s):
Amanda Conner
Paul Mounts

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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Cover Date: 2017
Cover Price: US $ 29.99

Issue Tagline: One bad girl. A bajillion good guys. The ultimate team-up book!

Format: Color; Hardcover

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None entered.

Harley's Little Black Book (2016) #1
Harley's Little Black Book (2016) #2
Harley's Little Black Book (2016) #3
Harley's Little Black Book (2016) #4
Harley's Little Black Book (2016) #5
Harley's Little Black Book (2016) #6

ISBN: 978-1-4012-6976-0

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Batwoman (DC)(Bombshells)
Bernie (DC)(Harley Quinn)
Big Bad Ben (DC)
Big Barda (DC)(Bombshells)
Barmy Bugger
Catwoman (DC)(Bombshells)
An image for Dawg exists Dawg
An image for 'Big' Tony Delfini exists 'Big' Tony Delfini
Double Decker (DC)
Egg Fu (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
An image for Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Jordan) exists Green Lantern (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Jordan)
Harlem Harley
Harley Quinn (DC)(Bombshells)
An image for Harley Quinn (DC)(Post Flashpoint) exists Harley Quinn (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Harvey Quinn
An image for Adolf Hitler (DC) exists Adolf Hitler (DC)
An image for Joker (DC)(Post Flashpoint) exists Joker (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
  An image for Lobo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Fake) exists Lobo (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Fake)
Mike (DC)(Harley Quinn)
Jimmy Olsen (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
The Pub Crawler (DC)
An image for Queenie exists Queenie
Stargirl (DC)(Bombshells)
Supergirl (DC)(Bombshells)
An image for Superman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Clark Kent) exists Superman (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Clark Kent)
Tiffany Terror (DC)
Donald Trump
Amanda Waller (DC)(Bombshells)
Gilbert Winslow
Wonder Woman (DC)(Bombshells)
An image for Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Flashpoint) exists Wonder Woman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Edgar Fullerton Yeung
Zatanna (DC)(Bombshells)
An image for Zatanna (DC)(Post Flashpoint) exists Zatanna (DC)(Post Flashpoint)

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