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Doctor Who Magazine (1979) - #200

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Gary Russell

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Cover Date: June 9 1993
Cover Price: UK £ 2.50

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Magazine

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This cover is the only tri-fold cover in the magazine's history, perhaps appropriate the achievement of the 200th issue. But it's more than a little interesting that the editors chose to so clearly preference the Tom Baker version of the Doctor — known in this database as "The Doctor (04)". Yes, he had the longest run on TV, and he was certainly, at the time, the most-watched Doctor in North America. But the fact that the editors (perhaps on the insistence of the BBC) had chosen to return to the Tom Baker-era logo in 1991--and then give him such prominence in a design to celebrate the entire history of the show, tends to make the bias of the editors fairly clear. Are they unjustified in making Baker's face the only one in full color? No. But now that the magazine no longer had real "news" to report, and could view itself as more an editorial/fan magazine, it's just...intriguing to see what they did when compelled to put all the Doctors in the same frame.

At the time, there was a growing rumor movement about what exactly had happened in the last years of the original run--esentially questioning why the show had been cancelled--and there were (and still are) forces that believe that the program was undergoing a revival of quality in its last year that should've been allowed to continue. Others said that the show had long been abandoned by the glory years under Tom Baker (which they indsiputably were, in terms of ratings).

This cover seems to want to straddle the fence, by making Baker the only Doctor in full-color, but yet dressing him in the costume he wore only under John Nathan-Turner, the show's controvertial final producer.

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Emperor of the Daleks

Paul Cornell
John Freeman

Lee Sullivan

Lee Sullivan

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