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ThunderCats (1985) - #2
"Tears of Sunrise"
Star Comics (Marvel)

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David Michelinie

Jim Mooney

Brett Breeding

Petra Scotese

Janice Chiang

Michael 'Mike' Carlin
Tom DeFalco
Jim Shooter

Cover Artist(s):
Jackson 'Butch' Guice
Jim Mooney

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: February 1986
Cover Price: US $ 0.75

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

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he issue begins promisingly - it looks like the ThunderTank is going to run down the Berbils (do I seem happy? mwahahahaha). But no such luck. Disaster is diverted, after which Panthro explains that he doesn't have all the 'bugs' worked out of the 'Tank yet. It's established that there's a buggy Tank and the Lair is built, but the ThunderCats are still relatively newcomers to Third Earth.
Snarf, still not used to Lion-O being all grown up, sets off with WilyKit to find the Lord and tell him it's time for his nap (*snicker*). When they wander upon Lion-O sparring with the Sword against, um the air, Kit snickers at the sight and Lion-O is eager to prove he wasn't just goofing around. As proof, he shows them some food he found - a handful of wild berries. Snarf angrily knocks the berries from Lion-O's palm, explaining that one should not eat strange fruit. As Snarf heads back toward the Lair babbling about how Lion-O would get himself in all sorts of trouble if not for his watchful eye, Lion-O gives Kit a wink and defiantly eats some berries anyway. Kit, of course, is quite amused and I liked how their relationship is portrayed here - afterall, to Lion-O, he may have a grown body now but Kit is still his peer in many ways.
Of course, Lion-O begins to feel ill effects almost immediately but manages to call the other ThunderCats with the Sword before collapsing. Once he's carried by Panthro into the Lair, Roberbill explains that Lion-O's consumed the Tears of Sunrise - named as such because most victims will die by sunrise if they can't recover. And there is no cure - one either lives through it or doesn't. Meanwhile, the Mutants are at the Black Pyramid, grilling Mumm-Ra about why he hasn't done more to help them destroy the ThunderCats. Enraged at their insolence, Mumm-Ra transforms to his everliving form. But instead of vaporizing them, he has them gaze into magic vapors that show Snarf out wandering around on his own. The plan is to kidnap the nursemaid, and the Mutants are transported magically to where Snarf is. Unaware of the danger he is in, Snarf snoops around in the wreckage of the ThunderCat ship for Lion-O's Doofle, a plush doll that Snarf knew the lad always found comfort in before. Just as he finds the comfort item, Slithe grabs Snarf and carries him off - which is witnessed by Roberbelle. The female Berbil reports the events to the ThunderCats, who rush off to rescue their friend. Well, all except the twins, who stay behind with the ailing Lion-O. The Mutants use Snarf to set a trap and a battle ensues. The kittens asleep near Lion-O, Jaga appears and tells Lion-O he must go help his friends no matter how crappy he feels. Convinced, Lion-O gets up and takes the Sword - which powers up and lifts him through the air, carrying him to where the battle is raging. Of course, the ThunderCats prevail and Lion-O is pleased to find his fever has broke. At the end, Snarf threatens to toss Doofle, as it's clear Lion-O is too old for it now. Lion-O convinces Snarf to let him do the honors, but instead, places it in a drawer in his chambers for sentimental value. Jaga appears again to commend Lion-O on not burying the past. Little do they know, Mumm-Ra is spying again and sees that Jaga still exists in Spirit form...which gives him evil idears mwahahahaha!

Reprinted/Collected in:
ThunderCats (1989) #2

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