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Justice League 3001 (2015) - TPB vol. 02
"Things Fall Apart"
DC Comics

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John Marc 'J.M.' DeMatteis
Keith Ian Giffen

Chris Batista
Colleen Doran
Keith Ian Giffen
Timothy 'Tim' Green Jr. - 'Timothy Green II'
Scott Kolins

Colleen Doran
Wayne Faucher
Timothy 'Tim' Green Jr. - 'Timothy Green II'
Scott Kolins
Andy Owens

Hi-Fi Colour Design

Sal Cipriano
Travis Lanham
Rob Leigh
Marilyn Patrizio

Brian Cunningham
Robert 'Bob' Harras
Harvey Richards

Cover Artist(s):
Hi-Fi Colour Design
Scott Kolins

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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Cover Date: 2016
Cover Price: US $ 14.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 152 pages

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None entered.

Justice League 3001 (2015) #7
Justice League 3001 (2015) #8
Justice League 3001 (2015) #9
Justice League 3001 (2015) #10
Justice League 3001 (2015) #11
Justice League 3001 (2015) #12

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Batgirl (DC)(JL3000)
Batman (DC)(JL3000)
Blok (DC)(Legion of Doom)
Brainiac 5 (DC)(Legion of Doom)
Colossal Boy (Legion of Doom)
Cosmic Boy (DC)(Legion of Doom)
Eclipso (DC)(JL3000)
Fire (DC)(JL3000)
Flash (DC)(JL3000)(01 - Barry Allen)
Flash (DC)(JL3000)(02 - Teri Magnus)
G'Nort (DC)(JL3000)
Guy Gardner (DC)(JL3000)
Green Lantern (DC)(JL3000)
Ice (DC)(JL3000)
Invisible Kid (Legion of Doom)
Lady Styx (DC)(JL 3000)
Lois Lane (DC)(JL 3000)
  Larfleeze (DC)(JL3000)
Lightning Lad (DC)(Legion of Doom)
Terry Magnus (DC)(JL 3000)
Teri Magnus
Ariel Masters (DC)(JL 3000)
Mon-El (Legion of Doom)
Phantom Girl (DC)(Legion of Doom)
Saturn Girl (Legion of Doom)
Scion (DC)
Shrinking Violet (DC)(Legion of Doom)
Starro (DC)(JL 3000)
Supergirl (DC)(JL 3000)
Superman (DC)(JL 3000)
Timber Wolf (Legion of Doom)
Wildfire (Legion of Doom)
Wonder Woman (DC)(JL 3000)

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