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Batman (2016) - #1
"I Am Gotham Part One"
DC Comics

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Tom King [III]

David Finch

Matt Banning - 'Batt'

Jordie Bellaire

John Workman

Mark Doyle
Robert 'Bob' Harras
Rebecca Taylor

Cover Artist(s):
Jordie Bellaire
David Finch

Rating (out of 10):
from 47 votes

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Cover Date: August 2016
Cover Price: US $ 2.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

There are other versions of this issue in the database:
Batman (2016) #1 2nd Printing
Batman (2016) #1 A Shop Called Quest Black and White Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Albuquerque Fried Pie Black and White Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Albuquerque Fried Pie Color Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Exclusive BW
Batman (2016) #1 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Exclusive Color
Batman (2016) #1 ASCQ (A Shop Called Quest) Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Batman Day - Howard Porter Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Batman Day - Scott Kollins Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Blank Cover
Batman (2016) #1 Buy Me Toys Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Comic Madness / Comic Hero University Black and White Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Comic Madness / Comic Hero University Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 DCBS Exclusive Neal Adams Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Directors Cut
Batman (2016) #1 Dynamic Forces Black and White Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Dynamic Forces Color Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Epic Comics Black and White Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Epic Comics Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Forbidden Planet March Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Gabriele Dell Otto Variant (Color)
Batman (2016) #1 Hastings Black and White Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Hastings Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Legacy Edition Color Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Legacy Edition Sketch Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Michael Turner Aspen Variant (Color)
Batman (2016) #1 Michael Turner Aspen Variant (Pencils)
Batman (2016) #1 Midtown Comics Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Midtown Comics Sketch Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 More Fun Comics and Games Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 New England Comics Exclusive Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Paralel Evren Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Sale Variant
Batman (2016) #1 SDCC Exclusive Foil Variant
Batman (2016) #1 Wizard World Presents Comic Con Box Black and White Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Wizard World Presents Comic Con Box Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Zapp! Comics Black and White Exclusive
Batman (2016) #1 Zapp! Comics Exclusive

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
DC Universe Rebirth
I Am Gotham

None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Batman (2016) HC vol. 01
Batman (2016) TPB vol. 01
Batman (2017) #1
Batman (2017) #1 (TV Digital Variant-Cover-Edition)

Hugo Strange appears only in shadow.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Oleg Balinoff
An image for Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Bruce Wayne) exists Batman (DC)(Post Flashpoint)(01 - Bruce Wayne)
An image for James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post Flashpoint) exists James Worthington Gordon (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
  An image for Gotham Girl exists Gotham Girl
An image for Alfred Pennyworth (DC)(Post Flashpoint) exists Alfred Pennyworth (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
Professor Hugo Strange (DC)(Post Flashpoint)
An image for Duke Thomas exists Duke Thomas

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
G.C.P.D. (DC)(Post Flashpoint)

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