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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1996) - #14
"Nobody Knows the Tribbles I've Seen"

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Andy Mangels
Michael A. Martin

Terry Pallot

Allen 'Al' Milgrom

Matt Webb

Virtual Calligraphy
Chris Eliopoulos - '(principally a letterer)'

Chip Carter
Tim Tuohy

Cover Artist(s):
Allen 'Al' Milgrom
Terry Pallot

Rating (out of 10):
from 2 votes

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Cover Date: February 1998
Cover Price: US $ 1.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 38 pages

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Shootin' the breeze at Quark's one evening when Worf isn't around, Odo, Dax, O'Brein, Bashir and even Morn posit different reasons why the Klingons really hate tribbles. The stories range from the plausible to the inane.

One person suggests that an allergic reaction to tribbles was responsible for the development of Klingon head ridges. Dax counters with a tale of a former host--whose name, Enjana Dax, is obviously fictional--whose swashbuckling lifestyle eventually wedged hatred between the two species. Still another person suggests that maybe the Tribbles were responsible for the long war between the Romulan and Klingon Empires.

Which is the truth? All of them and none of them.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection (2008) DVD-ROM

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An image for Julian Bashir exists Julian Bashir
An image for Jadzia Dax exists Jadzia Dax
An image for James Tiberius Kirk exists James Tiberius Kirk
An image for Morn (Star Trek) exists Morn (Star Trek)
An image for Miles Edward O'Brien exists Miles Edward O'Brien
  An image for Odo exists Odo
An image for Quark exists Quark
An image for Spock (Star Trek) exists Spock (Star Trek)
An image for Worf exists Worf

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Bajoran (Provisional) Government

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