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Star Trek: Early Voyages (1997) - #3
"Our Dearest Blood"

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Dan Abnett
Ian Edginton

Patrick Zircher - 'Patch Zircher'

Greg Adams

Marie Javins

Janice Chiang

Bobbie E. Chase

Cover Artist(s):
Patrick Zircher - 'Patch Zircher'

Rating (out of 10):
from 3 votes

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Cover Date: April 1997
Cover Price: US $ 2.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 42 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue

Having had a couple of introductory adventures, the Pike Enterprise crew now move into more familiar territory. Linking up with an event described in the first Star Trek pilot, "The Cage", the crew are on a happy diplomatic mission to Rigel 7. They are to oversee the planet's admission into the Federation.

Only one thing remains for the planet to do before they can "fly the flag", though. They must see to it that their genetically bred warrior caste, the Kaylar, are disbanded and reintegrated into the rest of Rigellian society. The task has been on the Rigellian government's plate for some time, so Pike thinks that his examination of this treaty stipulation will be a matter of course.

Unfortunately he discovers, too late to save one of the Enterprise crew, that neither Rigel, nor the Kaylar, are quite ready for a brave, new future with the Federation.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Star Trek Omnibus (2009) TPB vol. 02
Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection (2008) DVD-ROM
Star Trek: The Stardate Collection (2013) HC vol. 01

Yeoman Cusack, a Marvel-only creation, dies in this issue, paving the way for the arrival of Yeoman Colt in the next. WIth her arrival, the crew now consists of every character seen in "The Cage".

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue

Phillip Boyce
An image for Gabrielle Carlotti exists Gabrielle Carlotti
Dermot Cusack
Sita Mohindas
  An image for Nano (Star Trek) exists Nano (Star Trek)
An image for Number One (Star Trek) exists Number One (Star Trek)
An image for Christopher Pike exists Christopher Pike
An image for Spock (Star Trek) exists Spock (Star Trek)
Josť Tyler

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC 1701 or NCC 1701-A

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