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Legion of Super-Heroes (2005) - #14
DC Comics

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Mark Waid

Adam DeKraker
Ken Lashley

KWL Designs
Rodney Ramos

Sno-Cone Studios
KWL Designs

Travis Lanham

Harvey Richards
Stephen Wacker

Cover Artist(s):
Sno-Cone Studios
Barry Kitson

Rating (out of 10):
from 6 votes

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Searching: Legion of Super-Heroes 14
DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes Lot # 7 8 14 1990 - 1991 + Bags & BoardsDC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes Lot # 7 8 14 1990 - 1991 + Bags & Boards$14.75
Legion of Super-Heroes #14 (Jan 1991, DC), VFLegion of Super-Heroes #14 (Jan 1991, DC), VF$2.00
Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 4th Series) #14 FNLegion of Super-Heroes (1989 4th Series) #14 FN$1.20
Legion Of Super-Heroes (2010) #11-14 (lot of 4 issues)Legion Of Super-Heroes (2010) #11-14 (lot of 4 issues)$3.94
The Legion of Super-Heroes #301 (Jul 1983, DC)  5  photos  stock  8  15  14The Legion of Super-Heroes #301 (Jul 1983, DC) 5 photos stock 8 15 14$3.50


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Cover Date: March 2006
Cover Price: US $ 2.99

Issue Tagline: The Incredible Shrinking Violet!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue

With the war orchestrated by Praetor Lemnos stopped, the United Planets attempt to salvage their reputation after being upstaged by the Legion, who effectively ended the war while the politicians were squabbling. Ultimately, they decide not to punish the Legion for stopping the war, but rather to reward them by making them an official extention of EarthGov.

Meanwhile, the Legion begins to put itself together. Karate Kid attempts to make amends with Lyle because of the Shrinking Violet debacle, but he disappears. Later on, he reveals that it really was him that told Brainiac 5 about Cosmic Boy's snooping, but she doesn't mind as long as he keeps spreading the rumor to make her a legend.

In Colossal Boy/Micro Lad's home, the Legion is holed up while construction in the new headquarters takes place and the leaders of the team continue to deliberate over the UP's offer. But, awhen the Science Police attempts to detain scores of people mourning Dream Girl's death due to an insane teenager who fantasized about marrying her, Lightning Lad bites the bullet and signs the treaty to save the detainees, much to the shock of the other members.

Reprinted/Collected in:
DC Comics: the Sequential Art of Amanda Conner (2012) HC
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (2006) TPB vol. 03

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Ambassator Sidne Ardeen
An image for Atom Girl (Earth-Prime) exists Atom Girl (Earth-Prime)
An image for Chameleon (DC)(Earth-Prime) exists Chameleon (DC)(Earth-Prime)
An image for Colossal Boy (Earth-Prime) exists Colossal Boy (Earth-Prime)
An image for Invisible Kid (DC)(Earth-Prime) exists Invisible Kid (DC)(Earth-Prime)
An image for Karate Kid (Earth-Prime) exists Karate Kid (Earth-Prime)
An image for Light Lass (Earth-Prime) exists Light Lass (Earth-Prime)
An image for Lightning Lad (Earth-Prime) exists Lightning Lad (Earth-Prime)
  An image for Phantom Girl (Earth-Prime) exists Phantom Girl (Earth-Prime)
An image for Saturn Girl (Earth-Prime) exists Saturn Girl (Earth-Prime)
An image for Shadow Lass (Earth-Prime) exists Shadow Lass (Earth-Prime)
An image for Star Boy (DC)(Earth-Prime) exists Star Boy (DC)(Earth-Prime)
Theena (Reboot)
An image for Triplicate Girl (Earth-Prime) exists Triplicate Girl (Earth-Prime)
An image for Ultra Boy (Earth-Prime) exists Ultra Boy (Earth-Prime)

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Legion of Super-Heroes (DC)(Earth-Prime)

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Mark Waid

Amanda Conner

Amanda Conner

Sno-Cone Studios

Pat Brosseau

Stephen Wacker

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this story
An image for Doctor Light (DC)(03 - Arthur Light) exists Doctor Light (DC)(03 - Arthur Light)
An image for Karate Kid (Earth-Prime) exists Karate Kid (Earth-Prime)
An image for Shadow Lass (Earth-Prime) exists Shadow Lass (Earth-Prime)
Sun Boy (Earth-Prime)

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OMACs (02 - Omni Mind And Community)

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