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Star Wars: Legacy (2006) - #0
"Welcome to the Future..."
Dark Horse Comics

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John Ostrander

Jan Duursema

Dan Parsons

Brad Anderson


Randy Stradley

Cover Artist(s):
Jan Duursema

Rating (out of 10):
from 17 votes

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Cover Date: June 7 2006
Cover Price: US $ 0.25

Issue Tagline: The Future of Star Wars!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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Less story than primer for the series, this especially cheap issue will orient you to a totally new era in the Star Wars timeline. Set at a time writer John Ostrander calls "100 years after the . . . Legacy of the Force books", this issue will present itself as "non-fictional" database of information about the new era. Editor Randy Stradley goes so far as to say "the actual interior pages of #0 will be typeset", apparently to give it a feel more like a kind of encyclopedia.

The content will principally deal with cataloguing, among other things, the lifestyle of Cade Skywalker, a direct, but uncertainly-fathered, descendant of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. In a sample page, he is described as being a Jedi, but having dropped the name "Skywalker" in favor of a more obvious life as a Han Solo-esque rogue.

The issue will also detail principals in the new Empire and Sith Order, including the Sith Twi'ilek, Darth Talon, who appears on the cover.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Star Wars Sonderband (1999) #36

Brad Anderson's credit is "Additional Colors"—implying that there were other artists working on the colors. It's possible, therefore, that Duursema, Cooke, and/or Parsons also provided color for this issue.

The character list, below, contains every character known to be even potentially a recurring character at the launch of the title. It's worth noting that none of these characters have ever appeared in any other Star Wars title, in any medium. Like Vos and Secura before them, they owe their existence largely to the minds of Ostrander and Duursema (with some help from Cooke and Parsons).

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue

Jae "Storm" Akura
An image for Deliah Blue exists Deliah Blue
An image for Nyna Calixte exists Nyna Calixte
An image for Chak (Star Wars) exists Chak (Star Wars)
Brodie ("Cannon") Coburn
An image for Sigel Dare exists Sigel Dare
An image for Darth Krayt exists Darth Krayt
An image for Darth Maladi exists Darth Maladi
An image for Darth Nihl exists Darth Nihl
An image for Darth Stryfe exists Darth Stryfe
An image for Darth Talon exists Darth Talon
An image for Darth Wyyrlok exists Darth Wyyrlok
An image for Antares Draco exists Antares Draco
An image for Emperor Roan Fel exists Emperor Roan Fel
An image for Princess Marasiah ( Princess Marasiah ("Sia") Fel
Finn (Star Wars)
An image for Attatag Gosem exists Attatag Gosem
  An image for Queen Jool exists Queen Jool
An image for Ganner Krieg exists Ganner Krieg
An image for Rav exists Rav
Tev ("Crasher") Rimon
An image for Konrad Rus exists Konrad Rus
An image for Wolf Sazen exists Wolf Sazen
Naxy Screeger
An image for Cade Skywalker exists Cade Skywalker
An image for Kol Skywalker exists Kol Skywalker
An image for Jariah Syn exists Jariah Syn
Hosk Tre'lyis
Ahn Rasi Tuum
An image for Astraal Vao exists Astraal Vao
An image for Shado Vao exists Shado Vao
An image for Morlish Veed exists Morlish Veed
Captain Gunn ("Gunner") Yage

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