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Rex Mundi Omnibus (2012) - TPB vol. 02
"Volume 2"
Dark Horse Books (Dark Horse Comics)

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Arvid Nelson

Guy Davis
Juan E. Ferreyra

Guy Davis

Juan E. Ferreyra
Dave Stewart

Arvid Nelson

Scott Allie
Daniel Chabon
Matt Dryer
Ryan Jorgensen
Shantel LaRocque
Freddye Lins

Cover Artist(s):
Juan E. Ferreyra

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Cover Date: February 2013
Cover Price: US $ 24.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 600 pages

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None entered.

The Dark Horse Book of Monsters (2006) OGN HC
Dark Horse Presents (2011) #15
MySpace Dark Horse Presents (2007) #7
Rex Mundi (2002) #18
Rex Mundi (2006) #1
Rex Mundi (2006) #2
Rex Mundi (2006) #3
Rex Mundi (2006) #4
Rex Mundi (2006) #5
Rex Mundi (2006) #6
Rex Mundi (2006) #7
Rex Mundi (2006) #8
Rex Mundi (2006) #9
Rex Mundi (2006) #10
Rex Mundi (2006) #11
Rex Mundi (2006) #12
Rex Mundi (2006) #13
Rex Mundi (2006) #14
Rex Mundi (2006) #15
Rex Mundi (2006) #16
Rex Mundi (2006) #17
Rex Mundi (2006) #18
Rex Mundi (2006) #19

ISBN-10: 1-61655-068-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-61655-068-4

Introduction by Arvid Nelson.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
David-Louis Plantard de St. Clair
Isabelle Plantard de St. Clair
An image for Julien Sauniere exists Julien Sauniere
  Robert Teniers
Genevieve Tournon

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Scott Allie
Gabriel Bá
Matt Camp
John Cassaday
Jo Chen - '咎井淳 / TogaQ'
Brian Churilla
Jeromy N. Cox
Toby Cypress
Guy Davis
Jim Di Bartolo
Juan E. Ferreyra
Jeremy Haun
Ryan Hill
Kelly Howlett
Courtney Huddleston
Azad Injejikian - 'Azad'
Eric Johnson - 'EricJ'
Ken Knudtsen
Joseph Michael Linsner
Vince Locke
Jim Mahfood - 'Food One'
Laura Martin
Mike Mignola
Steve Morris
Scott Morse - 'C. S. Morse'
Leonardo Olea - 'OLEA'
Humberto Ramos
Tone Rodriguez
Alex Sanchez
Jeremy Shepherd
Dave Stewart
Gerard Arthur Way
Freddie E. Williams Jr. - 'Freddie E. Williams II'
James H. Williams III - 'J.H. Williams III / Jim'

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