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Transformers Animated: The Allspark Almanac (2009) - TPB vol. 02
IDW Publishing

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Marty Isenberg
Derrick J Wyatt

Lee Bradley
John McCrea
Nick Roche

Jason Cardy
Kris Carter
Kat Nicholson

Justin Eisinger

Cover Artist(s):
Marcelo Matere

Rating (out of 10):

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Cover Date: June 2010
Cover Price: US $ 19.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 224 pages

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None entered.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Alexis (Transformers)(Armada)
Alpha Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Alpha Trion (Transformers) exists Alpha Trion (Transformers)
Angry Archer (Transformers)(Animated)
Arcee (Transformers)(Animated)
Auto Trooper (Transformers)(Animated)
Axalon (Transformers)(Animated)
Battle Star (Transformers)(Animated)
Beachcomber (Transformers)
Beta Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Blackarachnia (Transformers)(Animated)
Blackout (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Blaster (Transformers) exists Blaster (Transformers)
Blitzwing (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Bludgeon (Transformers) exists Bludgeon (Transformers)
An image for Blurr (Transformers)(Animated) exists Blurr (Transformers)(Animated)
Botanica (Transformers)(Beast Machines)
An image for Brawn (Transformers) exists Brawn (Transformers)
An image for Bulkhead (Transformers)(Animated) exists Bulkhead (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Bumblebee (Transformers)(Animated) exists Bumblebee (Transformers)(Animated)
Bumper (Transformers)(Animated)
Buzzsaw (Transformers)(Animated)
Cancer (Transformers)(Animated)
Captain Fanzone (Transformers)(Animated)
Carrera (Transformers)(Animated)
Chase (Transformers)
Cheetor (Transformers)(Beast Wars)
Chromia (Transformers)
ChromiaX (Transformers)(Animated)
Cliffjumper (Transformers)(Animated)
Cosmos (Transformers)
Cyclonus (Transformers)
Dai Atlas (Transformers)(Animated)
Dark Star (Transformers)(Animated)
Delta Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Devcon (Transformers)
Dirge (Transformers)(Animated)
Dirtboss (Transformers)(Animated)
Dugbase (Transformers)(Animated)
Eclipse (Transformers)(Animated)
Epsilon Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Eta Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Flareup (Transformers)(Animated)
Flipsides (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Fortress Maximus (Transformers) exists Fortress Maximus (Transformers)
Freeway (Transformers)
Furao (Transformers)(Animated)
Gamma Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Garboil (Transformers)(Animated)
Glyph (Transformers)
Gnaw (Transformers)
Grandus (Transformers)(Animated)
Grimlock (Transformers)(Animated)
Gung Ho (Transformers)(Animated)
Headmaster (Transformers)(Animated)
Highbrow (Transformers)
Horsepower (Transformers)
Hot Shot (Transformers)(Armada)
Hubcap (Transformers)
Huffer (Transformers)
Hydra (Transformers)(Animated)
Hyperion (Transformers)(Animated)
Iron Hope (Transformers)(Animated)
Ironhide (Transformers)(Animated)
Jazz (Transformers)(Animated)
Jetfire (Transformers)(Animated)
Jetstorm (Transformers)(Animated)
Lisa Kane
Kappa Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Kick-Off (Transformers)
An image for Kup (Transformers) exists Kup (Transformers)
Laserbeak (Transformers)(Animated)
Light Bright (Transformers)(Animated)
Lockdown (Transformers)(Animated)
Longarm Prime / Shockwave (Transformers)(Animated)
Lord Straxus (Transformers)
Lota Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Lugnut (Transformers)(Animated)
Lugnut Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Magnificus (Transformers)(Animated)
Mainframe (Transformers)
Marauder Megatron (Transformers)(Animated)
Megatron (Transformers)(Animated)
Meltdown (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Metroplex (Transformers) exists Metroplex (Transformers)
  An image for Mirage (Transformers) exists Mirage (Transformers)
Motorarm (Transformers)(Animated)
Nanosec (Transformers)(Animated)
Octus (Transformers)
Oilslick (Transformers)(Animated)
Omega Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Optimus (Transformers)(Animated)
Optimus Primal (Transformers)(Beast Wars)
Optimus Prime (Transformers)(Animated)
Perceptor (Transformers)(Animated)
Pipes (Transformers)
Powell (Transformers)(Animated)
Powered Convoy (Transformers)(Animated)
Powerglide (Transformers)
Powerhug (Transformers)(Animated)
Prowl (Transformers)(Animated)
Ramhorn (Transformers)
Ramjet (Transformers)(Animated)
Ratbat (Transformers)(Animated)
Ratchet (Transformers)(Animated)
Rattletrap (Transformers)(Animated)
Rattrap (Transformers)(Beast Wars)
Red Alert (Transformers)(Animated)
Reflector (Transformers)
Rhinox (Transformers)(Beast Wars)
Road Handler (Transformers)
Road Rocket (Transformers)(Animated)
Rodimus (Transformers)(Animated)
Rosanna (Transformers)(Animated)
Safeguard (Transformers)(Animated)
Scapel (Transformers)(Animated)
Scrapper (Transformers)(Animated)
Scrash (Transformers)(Animated)
Searchlight (Transformers)(Animated)
Seaspray (Transformers)
Sedan (Transformers)(Animated)
Sentinel Magnus (Transformers)(Animated)
Sentinel Prime (Transformers)(Animated)
Sideways (Transformers)(Animated)
Sky Garry (Transformers)
Sky Lynx (Transformers)
Sky-Byte (Transformers)(RID)
Skywarp (Transformers)(Animated)
Slapper (Transformers)(Animated)
Snarl (Transformers)(Animated)
Soundwave (Transformers)(Animated)
Sparkride (Transformers)(Animated)
Spectro (Transformers)
Spittor (Transformers)(Animated)
Springer (Transformers)
Spyglass (Transformers)
Star Saber (Transformers)(Animated)
Star Upper (Transformers)(Animated)
Starscream (Transformers)(Animated)
Steeljaw (Transformers)
Stretch (Transformers)(Animated)
Strika (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Professor Isaac  Sumdac exists Professor Isaac Sumdac
An image for Sari  Sumdac exists Sari Sumdac
Sunder (Transformers)(Animated)
Sunstorm (Transformers)(Animated)
Swindle (Transformers)(Animated)
Swoop (Transformers)(Animated)
Tai (Transformers)(RID)
Tap Out (Transformers)
Tarantulas (Transformers)(Beast Wars)
Theta Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)
Thrust (Transformers)(Animated)
Thundercracker (Transformers)(Animated)
Tracks (Transformers)
Tsunami (Transformers)(Animated)
Ultra Magnus (Transformers)(Animated)
Vangelus (Transformers)(Animated)
Viewfinder (Transformers)
Volks (Transformers)(Animated)
Warpath (Transformers)(Animated)
Wasp (Transformers)(Animated)
Waspinator (Transformers)(Animated)
An image for Wheelie (Transformers) exists Wheelie (Transformers)
Wheeljack (Transformers)(Animated)
Wingsaber (Transformers)(Animated)
Wingthing (Transformers)(Animated)
Wreck-Gar (Transformers)(Animated)
Xantium (Transformers)(Animated)
Yoketron (Transformers)(Animated)
Zaur (Transformers)(Animated)
Zeta Supreme (Transformers)(Animated)

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Boosthammer (Transformers)(Animated)
Rock Lords

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