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Ms. Marvel (1977) - #15
"The Shark Is a Very Deadly Beast!" (UK-Edition)

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Chris Claremont

Tony DeZuniga
Jim Mooney

Tony DeZuniga

Phil Rachelson - 'Phil Rache'

Bruce D. Patterson

Archie Goodwin

Cover Artist(s):
John Buscema
Joe Sinnott

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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Cover Date: March 1978
Cover Price: UK £ 0.12

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

This is a version of the following issue:
Ms. Marvel (1977) #15 - The Shark Is a Very Deadly Beast!

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Ms. Marvel drops in on her friend Dr. Michael Barnett for lunch as heís entering a pizza place. While they eat, Barnett strikes a raw nerve when he asks Carol who she thinks the Psyche-Magnitron might have used as a template when it created Ms. Marvel. Carol hastily leaves, but Barnett is sure that that conversation is not over.

Later, Jean DeWolff arrives at the Woman magazine offices for a meeting with Carol Danvers and Frank Gianelli regarding the recent burglary in Carolís office. Gianelli claims to have no information, but after DeWolff leaves, he confesses to Carol that the manís name is Geoffrey Ballard, a high-ranking CIA agent he had met in Vietnam. He doubts that DeWolff has the authority to challenge anything Ballard might be doing.

Carol goes apartment shopping and meets with a friend of Gianelliís named Arabella Jones. Arabellaís apartment is a mess, but itís cheap and Carol takes a liking to it. Inspecting the garden area in the back, sheís surprised by a man that hurtles out of a nearby window and changes into Ms. Marvel in anticipation of trouble. The man turns out to be Wundarr, whose childlike reasoning drives him to attack Ms. Marvel. She punches him right back into the apartment he came out of, and inside finds Wundarr and his guardian, Annie Christopher, who explains that they were just assaulted by an intruder who kidnapped Annieís friend Nita. Ms. Marvel pursues and quickly catches up to the kidnapper, who turns out to be Tiger Shark. During the ensuing fight, Tiger Sharkís comments cause Ms. Marvel to realize the identity of his captive: Nita is actually Namorita, Prince Namorís cousin.

Tiger Shark hurls a car at Ms. Marvel and two children, and she takes the impact of the car to save them. By the time she extricates herself from the wreckage, Tiger Shark and Namorita have already made it to the ocean.

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An image for Dr. Michael Barnett exists Dr. Michael Barnett
An image for Theresa  Theresa "Tracy" Burke
Annie Christopher
An image for Jean DeWolff exists Jean DeWolff
An image for Frank Gianelli exists Frank Gianelli
Archie Goodwin
  An image for Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(01 - Carol Danvers) exists Ms. Marvel (Marvel)(01 - Carol Danvers)
An image for Namorita (Marvel) exists Namorita (Marvel)
Marie Severin
An image for Tiger Shark (Marvel)(01 - Todd Arliss) exists Tiger Shark (Marvel)(01 - Todd Arliss)
An image for Wundarr exists Wundarr

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