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The Transformers (1984) - #13
"Shooting Star!" (Newstand Edition)

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Bob Budiansky

Don Perlin - 'D. David Perlin'

Al Gordon

Nelson 'Nel' Yomtov

Janice Chiang

Michael 'Mike' Carlin
Jim Shooter

Cover Artist(s):
Don Perlin - 'D. David Perlin'

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Cover Date: February 1986
Cover Price: US $ 0.75

Issue Tagline: The Menace Of Megatron

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

This is a version of the following issue:
The Transformers (1984) #13 - Shooting Star!

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Joey Slick is just a small-time crook who borrowed money from the wrong person. He can't pay the money back, so his boss, Jake Lomax, wants him dead. Chased down into a sewer drainage ditch, Joey finds a P-38 pistol in the muck and is amazed when the gun, not he, blasts his two attackers.

Escaping from the scene, he learns the gun he has found is actually Megatron! When the Decepticon leader fell after his battle with Ratchet, the fall dislodged connections in his head that took away his higher brain functions - he can only respond to commands, not give them.

Realizing the power behind having such a weapon, Joey becomes a one-man crime wave, robbing banks and going from two-bit thief to big-time racketeer. But Joey, unlike most thugs, has a conscience and soon discovers the life of glamour and fame is leaving him just as empty as he felt before he had it all.

Deciding to square up with his old boss, Joey uses Megatron to blow his way through the walls of Lomax's compound and settles his $600 debt with a fist full of bills, and another fist of skin and bone after discarding Megatron.

The jolt of the fall jars Megatron's circuits into place, and the Decepticon leader is impressed when Slick, unlike every other human he has ever dealt with, refuses to beg for his life when faced with imminant death.

Leaving Slick behind, Megatron departs to rejoin his Decepticons and continue the war that has raged without him until now as the police arrive on the scene and arrest Joey.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Frenzy (Transformers)
An image for Megatron (Transformers)(01) exists Megatron (Transformers)(01)
An image for Ratchet (Transformers) exists Ratchet (Transformers)
  An image for Ravage (Transformers) exists Ravage (Transformers)
An image for Soundwave (Transformers) exists Soundwave (Transformers)
An image for Starscream (Transformers) exists Starscream (Transformers)

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