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The Avengers (1963) - #212
"Men of Deadly Pride!"

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Jim Shooter

Alan Kupperberg

Daniel 'Dan' Green

Ben Sean

Janice Chiang
Gaspar Saladino - 'Gaspar'

Bob Budiansky
Jim Salicrup

Cover Artist(s):
Dan Crespi
Daniel 'Dan' Green
Alan Kupperberg

Rating (out of 10):
from 15 votes

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Cover Date: October 1981
Cover Price: US $ 0.50

Issue Tagline: The Avengers Travel To Washington D.C. To Find Gorn The Barbarian And The Woman Called... Elfqueen!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
Trial of Yellowjacket

Letters Column: Avengers Assemble!

The Avengers have their first meeting with the new lineup. Yellowjacket is irrationally angry at Jan for making them late. He shreds one of the costumes. Yellowjacket then picks a fight with Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor during the meeting. He feels overlooked by them. Meanwhile, Gorn the barbarian, living with his woman, a sorceress named the Elfqueen, hidden from mankind by her powers, is bored and wants to reenter the real world. The Elfqueen is against this, but acquiesces. The go into Washington DC, where Gorn gets into a fight with a police officer. HE is humiliated when she rescues him, and slaps her when she tries to get him to return home. This causes her to leave him. Gorn gets into a fight with some muggers, and is fatally shot by the police. The Avengers have already departed for Washington because of reports of the Elfqueen. They show up just after a grieving Elfqueen discovers her dead lover. Not understanding each other's language, a fight breaks out. The Avengers are losing. Captain America is finally able to determine that the Elfqueen means no harm, and that they mean her no harm, when Yellowjacket, against Cap's orders, attacks her. The fight resumes, but Cap is once again able to make peace with her, and she takes them to the dead Gorn. They then let her go in peace.

Reprinted/Collected in:
40 Years of the Avengers (2006) DVD-ROM
The Avengers (1963) TPB
Capitan America & i Vendicatori (1990) #3
De Vergelders Special (1983) #6
Die Rächer (1979) #10

The Cat People appear in flashback.

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Donald Blake (Marvel) exists Donald Blake (Marvel)
An image for Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers) exists Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
Ernest Carrothers
An image for Elfqueen exists Elfqueen
An image for Gorn The Barbarian exists Gorn The Barbarian
An image for Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark) exists Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark)
  An image for Edwin Jarvis (Marvel) exists Edwin Jarvis (Marvel)
An image for Thor (Marvel)(01 - Thor Odinson) exists Thor (Marvel)(01 - Thor Odinson)
An image for Tigra (Marvel) exists Tigra (Marvel)
An image for Wasp (Marvel)(01 - Janet Van Dyne) exists Wasp (Marvel)(01 - Janet Van Dyne)
An image for Yellowjacket (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym) exists Yellowjacket (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym)

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Avengers (Marvel)(01 - Original Team)
  Cat People

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