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The Avengers (1963) - #182
"Honor Thy Father"

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David Michelinie

John Byrne

Klaus Janson

Bob Sharen

Diana Albers
Gaspar Saladino - 'Gaspar'

Jim Salicrup
Jim Shooter
Roger L. Stern

Cover Artist(s):
Dan Crespi
Bob Layton Sr.
Allen 'Al' Milgrom

Rating (out of 10):
from 13 votes

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The Avengers #182 (Apr 1979, Marvel)The Avengers #182 (Apr 1979, Marvel)$2.99


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Cover Date: April 1979
Cover Price: US $ 0.35

Issue Tagline: The Many Faces of Evil!

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

There are other versions of this issue in the database:
The Avengers (1963) #182 UK Edition

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Yesterday Quest

Letters Column: Avengers Assemble!

Dr. Donald Blake is unable to determine the cause of Wanda & Pietro's collapses, saying it seems as if someone has stolen their souls. The Avengers are unable to determine the causes, when Jocasta says that she is able to trace an energy flux which appeared when they collapsed. Gyrich is taken aback by Jocasta's presence, but she is able to stymie him for the time being. Beast, Wasp, Yellowjacket, Hawkeye, Captain America, Vision, Jocasta, and Iron Man head to the source of the energy flux. Meanwhile, the old man who has taken their souls tells them a story about how he was their gypsy father back in Europe, and they got separated, and now that he has found them again, the will never let them go. When the Avengers arrive at his apartment, they are at first fooled by his illusory magic spells, but they eventually overcome this. The old man, Django Maximoff, is running away with the wooden dolls, and the Vision catches him. Wanda tells Vision not to hurt the old man, that he doesn't mean any harm, and she tells him to destroy the old man’s magic stone. Once the Vision does this, the spell is broken, and their souls return to their bodies. Afterwards, Wanda decides to take a leave of absence from the Avengers with Quicksilver and Maximoff, in order to go to Europe and trace their roots.

Reprinted/Collected in:
40 Years of the Avengers (2006) DVD-ROM
The Avengers United (2001) #79
The Avengers (1963) TPB
The Avengers (1963) TPB
Backpack Marvels: Avengers (2001) #1
Essential Avengers (2000) TPB vol. 08
Kostajat erikoisjulkaisu (1989) 1991/01
Marvel Super-Heroes (1979) #377

Letter Gaspar Saladino is uncredited in this issue.

Marya Maximoff & Mr. Doll appear in flashback.

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An image for Beast (Marvel) exists Beast (Marvel)
An image for Donald Blake (Marvel) exists Donald Blake (Marvel)
An image for Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers) exists Captain America (Marvel)(01 - Steve Rogers)
An image for Henry Peter Gyrich (Marvel) exists Henry Peter Gyrich (Marvel)
An image for Hawkeye (Marvel)(01 - Clint Barton) exists Hawkeye (Marvel)(01 - Clint Barton)
An image for Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark) exists Iron Man (Marvel)(01 - Tony Stark)
An image for Jocasta (Marvel)(01 - Avengers) exists Jocasta (Marvel)(01 - Avengers)
Marya Maximoff (Marvel)
  Django Maximoff
An image for Mr. Doll exists Mr. Doll
An image for Quicksilver (Marvel) exists Quicksilver (Marvel)
An image for Scarlet Witch (Marvel) exists Scarlet Witch (Marvel)
An image for Vision (Marvel)(02 - Synthozoid) exists Vision (Marvel)(02 - Synthozoid)
An image for Wasp (Marvel)(01 - Janet Van Dyne) exists Wasp (Marvel)(01 - Janet Van Dyne)
An image for Wonder Man (Marvel) exists Wonder Man (Marvel)
An image for Yellowjacket (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym) exists Yellowjacket (Marvel)(01 - Hank Pym)

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Avengers (Marvel)(01 - Original Team)

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