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War of Kings: Warriors (2009) - TPB
"War of Kings: Warriors"

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Dan Abnett
C.B. Cebulski
Jay Faerber
Christos N. Gage
Andy Lanning

Wellinton Alves
Mahmud A. Asrar
Reilly Brown
Bong Ty Dazo - 'El Dazo'
Carlos Magno
Adriana da Silva Melo
Graham Nolan
Paolo Pantalena
Ramón K. Pérez
Harvey Montecillo Tolibao

Mahmud A. Asrar
Mariah Benes
Nelson DeCastro - 'Nelson'
Scott Hanna
Jeffrey 'Jeff' Huet
Norman Lee
Paolo Pantalena
Nelson Pereira
Ramón K. Pérez
Joe Pimentel
Harvey Montecillo Tolibao

Ranier 'Rain' Beredo
Nathan Fairbairn
Jay David Ramos
John Rauch
Nei Ruffino
Val Staples - 'Enigma'
Andy Troy

Ed Dukeshire
Cory Petit
Dave Sharpe
Rus Wooton

Michael Horwitz
Bill Rosemann
Jordan D. White

Cover Artist(s):
Brandon Peterson - 'Brando'

Rating (out of 10):
from 4 votes

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Searching: War of Kings: Warriors War of Kings: Warriors
War of Kings: Warriors 1-2, complete miniseries, MarvelWar of Kings: Warriors 1-2, complete miniseries, Marvel$3.95
War of Kings Warriors (2009) #1 VFWar of Kings Warriors (2009) #1 VF$1.75
War of Kings Warriors (2009) #2 VGWar of Kings Warriors (2009) #2 VG$1.20
War of Kings Warriors (2009) #2 FNWar of Kings Warriors (2009) #2 FN$1.30
WAR OF KINGS: WARRIORS Trade PaperbackWAR OF KINGS: WARRIORS Trade Paperback$12.00

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Cover Date: June 2010
Cover Price: US $ 24.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback

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War of Kings

None entered.

War of Kings: Savage World of Skaar (2009) #1
War of Kings: Warriors (2009) #1
War of Kings: Warriors (2009) #2
War of Kings: Ascension (2009) #1
War of Kings: Ascension (2009) #2
War of Kings: Ascension (2009) #3
War of Kings: Ascension (2009) #4
War of Kings: Darkhawk (2009) #1
War of Kings: Darkhawk (2009) #2
War of Kings: Warriors - Blastaar (2009) #1
War of Kings: Warriors - Blastaar (2009) #2
War of Kings: Warriors - Crystal (2009) #1
War of Kings: Warriors - Crystal (2009) #2
War of Kings: Warriors - Gladiator (2009) #1
War of Kings: Warriors - Gladiator (2009) #2
War of Kings: Warriors - Lilandra (2009) #1
War of Kings: Warriors - Lilandra (2009) #2

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
An image for Annihilus (Marvel) exists Annihilus (Marvel)
An image for Black Bolt (Marvel) exists Black Bolt (Marvel)
An image for Blastaar (Marvel) exists Blastaar (Marvel)
An image for Crystal (Marvel) exists Crystal (Marvel)
Dahrev (Marvel)
An image for Darkhawk (Marvel)(01 - Chris Powell) exists Darkhawk (Marvel)(01 - Chris Powell)
An image for Fenn-Ra exists Fenn-Ra
An image for Gladiator (Marvel)(02 - Kallark) exists Gladiator (Marvel)(02 - Kallark)
An image for Gorgon (Marvel)(01 - Inhumans) exists Gorgon (Marvel)(01 - Inhumans)
An image for H'Jke Jeeku exists H'Jke Jeeku
An image for Havok (Marvel) exists Havok (Marvel)
An image for Hussar exists Hussar
An image for Korvus exists Korvus
An image for Liev-Ra exists Liev-Ra
An image for Lightspeed exists Lightspeed
An image for Lilandra (Marvel) exists Lilandra (Marvel)
An image for Lockjaw exists Lockjaw
An image for Luna (Marvel) exists Luna (Marvel)
An image for Marvel Girl (Marvel)(03 - Rachel Grey) exists Marvel Girl (Marvel)(03 - Rachel Grey)
  An image for Medusa (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans) exists Medusa (Marvel)(02 - Inhumans)
An image for Evelyn Necker exists Evelyn Necker
An image for Old Sam exists Old Sam
An image for Polaris (Marvel) exists Polaris (Marvel)
An image for Grace Powell exists Grace Powell
Jason Powell
Jonathan Powell
Razor (Marvel)
An image for Red Ronin (Marvel)(02 - Namie) exists Red Ronin (Marvel)(02 - Namie)
An image for Ricochet (Marvel)(03 - Johnny Gallo) exists Ricochet (Marvel)(03 - Johnny Gallo)
An image for Ronan the Accuser (Marvel) exists Ronan the Accuser (Marvel)
An image for Skaar exists Skaar
An image for Starbolt (Marvel)(01) exists Starbolt (Marvel)(01)
An image for T'Korr exists T'Korr
An image for Talon (Marvel) exists Talon (Marvel)
An image for Turbo (Marvel)(01 - Mickey Musashi) exists Turbo (Marvel)(01 - Mickey Musashi)
An image for Phillip 'Phil' Urich (Marvel) exists Phillip 'Phil' Urich (Marvel)
An image for Vector (Marvel)(01 - Simon Utrecht) exists Vector (Marvel)(01 - Simon Utrecht)
An image for Vulcan (Marvel)(02 - Gabriel Summers) exists Vulcan (Marvel)(02 - Gabriel Summers)
An image for Warstar exists Warstar

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