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Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special (2009) - nn

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Ronald Byrd
Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Anthony Flamini
Kevin Garcia
Michael Hoskin
Sean McQuaid
Jacob Rougemont
Stuart Vandal
David Wiltfong

William Merle Allison - 'W. M. Allison'
Al Anders
Murphy Anderson
Larry Antonette
Patrick Archibald
Richard 'Dick' Ayers - 'Richard B.'
Joe Bennett - 'Benedito Jose Nascimento'
Jack Binder - 'Yanos 'John' Ronald Binder'
Richard F. 'Rich' Buckler
Carl Burgos
Chris Burnham
John Buscema
Sal Buscema
John Byrne
Al Carreno
Louis Cazeneuve
Chris Cross - 'ChrisCross / Christopher Emmanuel Williams'
Steve Dahlman
Harold DeLay
Harry Douglas
Steve Epting
Bill Everett
Mike Fichera
Maurice Gutwirth
Fletcher Hanks
Gary Hartle
Irwin Hasen
John Heebink
Arnold L. Hicks
Jack 'King' Kirby
Scott Kolins
Alan Kupperberg
Erik Larsen
Paul J. Lauretta
Jason Lewis
George Mandel
Roy Allan Martinez
Steve McNiven
Claire Moe
Klaus Fjalar Nordling - 'Fred Nordley'
Robert 'Bob' Oksner
Jimmy Palmiotti
Keith Pollard
Paul Reinman
Paolo Manuel Rivera
John Romita Jr.
Mike Roy
Paul Ryan
Harry Sahle - 'Jewell'
Fred Schwab
Marie Severin
Joe Simon
C.P. Smith
Tom Smith
Jack Edmond Sparling
Ben Thompson
George Tuska
Gus Vazquez
Chris Weston
Bob Wood
M.C. Wyman

Tom Smith
Gus Vazquez

Jerron Quality Color
Scott Elmer - 'Pond Scum'
Tom Smith

Jeffrey Steven Christiansen - 'Snood'
Michael Hoskin
Jeff Youngquist

Cover Artist(s):
Mitch Breitweiser
Spring Hoteling

Rating (out of 10):
from 5 votes

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Cover Date: November 2009
Cover Price: US $ 4.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 64 pages

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None entered.

Handbook profiling many of the characters from the era of Marvel's predecessor, Timely Comics.

Introduction by comics historian Dr. Michael J. Vassallo.

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An image for Angel (Marvel)(01 - Thomas Halloway) exists Angel (Marvel)(01 - Thomas Halloway)
An image for Black Widow (Marvel)(01 - Claire Voyante) exists Black Widow (Marvel)(01 - Claire Voyante)
An image for Blue Blaze (Marvel) exists Blue Blaze (Marvel)
An image for Breeze Barton (Marvel) exists Breeze Barton (Marvel)
Captain Strong (Marvel)
An image for Comet Pierce (Marvel) exists Comet Pierce (Marvel)
An image for Dakor the Magician exists Dakor the Magician
An image for Betty Dean (Marvel) exists Betty Dean (Marvel)
An image for Dave Dean (Marvel) exists Dave Dean (Marvel)
An image for Dorma (Marvel) exists Dorma (Marvel)
An image for Dynaman (Marvel) exists Dynaman (Marvel)
An image for Dynamic Man (Marvel) exists Dynamic Man (Marvel)
An image for Electro (Marvel)(01 - Robot) exists Electro (Marvel)(01 - Robot)
An image for Eternal Brain (Marvel) exists Eternal Brain (Marvel)
An image for Falcon (Marvel)(01 - Carl Burgess) exists Falcon (Marvel)(01 - Carl Burgess)
An image for Ferret, Mystery Detective (Marvel) exists Ferret, Mystery Detective (Marvel)
An image for Fiery Mask (Marvel) exists Fiery Mask (Marvel)
An image for Flexo (Marvel) exists Flexo (Marvel)
Flying Flame (Marvel)
Robert 'Flash' Foster
Don Gorman (Marvel)
Lynne Harris (Marvel)
An image for Phineas T. Horton (Marvel) exists Phineas T. Horton (Marvel)
An image for Human Top (Marvel)(01 - Bravelle) exists Human Top (Marvel)(01 - Bravelle)
An image for Human Torch (Marvel)(01 - Jim Hammond) exists Human Torch (Marvel)(01 - Jim Hammond)
An image for Hurricane (Marvel)(01 - Makkari) exists Hurricane (Marvel)(01 - Makkari)
An image for Invisible Man (Marvel) exists Invisible Man (Marvel)
Zephyr Jones (Marvel)
An image for Ka-Zar (Marvel)(01 - David Rand) exists Ka-Zar (Marvel)(01 - David Rand)
An image for Laughing Mask (Marvel) exists Laughing Mask (Marvel)
An image for Magar the Mystic (Marvel) exists Magar the Mystic (Marvel)
  An image for Major Mercury (Marvel) exists Major Mercury (Marvel)
An image for Makkari (Marvel) exists Makkari (Marvel)
An image for Mantor the Magician (Marvel) exists Mantor the Magician (Marvel)
An image for Marvel Boy (Marvel)(01 - Martin Simon Burns) exists Marvel Boy (Marvel)(01 - Martin Simon Burns)
An image for Marvex the Super Robot (Marvel) exists Marvex the Super Robot (Marvel)
An image for Masked Raider (Marvel) exists Masked Raider (Marvel)
An image for Master Mind Excello (Marvel) exists Master Mind Excello (Marvel)
An image for Ken Masters (Marvel) exists Ken Masters (Marvel)
An image for Leonard McKenzie (Marvel) exists Leonard McKenzie (Marvel)
An image for Mercury (Marvel)(01 - Makkari) exists Mercury (Marvel)(01 - Makkari)
An image for Merzah exists Merzah
An image for Monako, Prince of Magic exists Monako, Prince of Magic
An image for Mr. E (Marvel) exists Mr. E (Marvel)
An image for Mr. Muro exists Mr. Muro
An image for Barney Mullen exists Barney Mullen
An image for Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel) exists Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel)
An image for Phantom Bullet (Marvel) exists Phantom Bullet (Marvel)
An image for Phantom of the Underworld exists Phantom of the Underworld
An image for Phantom Reporter (Marvel) exists Phantom Reporter (Marvel)
An image for Princess Fen (Marvel) exists Princess Fen (Marvel)
An image for Red Raven (Marvel)(01 - Hsni) exists Red Raven (Marvel)(01 - Hsni)
An image for Luther Robinson exists Luther Robinson
An image for John Steele exists John Steele
Dale Sturm
An image for Texas Kid (01 - Daring Mystery) exists Texas Kid (01 - Daring Mystery)
An image for Thakorr (Marvel) exists Thakorr (Marvel)
An image for Thin Man (Marvel) exists Thin Man (Marvel)
An image for Toro (Marvel)(01 - Thomas Raymond) exists Toro (Marvel)(01 - Thomas Raymond)
An image for Trojak the Tiger Man exists Trojak the Tiger Man
An image for Terry Vance exists Terry Vance
An image for Professor Philo Zog exists Professor Philo Zog

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