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Detective Comics (1937) - #854
"Agitato; Pipeline, Chapter One/Part One"
DC Comics

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Greg Rucka

Harvey Richards
Michael Siglain

Cover Artist(s):
James H. Williams III - 'J.H. Williams III / Jim'

Rating (out of 10):
from 80 votes

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Cover Date: August 2009
Cover Price: US $ 3.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 40 pages

There are other versions of this issue in the database:
Detective Comics (1937) #854 2nd Printing
Detective Comics (1937) #854 J.G. Jones Variant
Detective Comics (1937) #854 Special Edition

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Batman Reborn

None entered.

Reprinted/Collected in:
100% DC (2005) #26
Batman Legends (2007) #36
Batwoman (2012) #0
DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection [GER] (2015) #130
Detective Comics (1937) HC
Detective Comics (1937) TPB
Detective Comics (1937) TPB
Dollar Comics: Detective Comics #854 (2019) #1
The Question: Pipeline (2011) TPB

For an indepth discussion on this issue:
Comic Book Page Podcast - Weekly Comics Spotlight #098: 2009-06-24

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"Agitato" - Edit this story

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James H. Williams III - 'J.H. Williams III / Jim'

James H. Williams III - 'J.H. Williams III / Jim'

Dave Stewart

Todd Klein

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An image for Alice (DC)(02 - Elizabeth Kane) exists Alice (DC)(02 - Elizabeth Kane)
An image for Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Dick Grayson) exists Batman (DC)(Post Crisis)(03 - Dick Grayson)
An image for Batwoman (02 - Kate Kane) exists Batwoman (02 - Kate Kane)
An image for Jake Kane (DC) exists Jake Kane (DC)
An image for Rush (DC) exists Rush (DC)

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Religion of Crime (DC)

After a quick interrogation between Batwoman and Rush. Batman makes his presence known and they discuss the covens. Batman also advises that he will be watching if she needs any help. Kate shows up late with her lover Anna for breakfast at a local restaurant. An argument occurs leaving Kate by her self. The next day Kate wakes up. Reflecting on whats been happening as of lately. Starts her work out routine with her father asking about how she is. Her stating she is just Soldiering on. He takes her to show he a new toy. She suits up and heads out for the night to get some answers about the interest in her with the covens. Batwoman investigates looking in several places trying to find a name. She gets the name she also gets a face to put with the name.

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"Pipeline, Chapter One/Part One" - Edit this story

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Cully Hamner

Cully Hamner

Laura Martin

Jared K. Fletcher

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An image for Question (DC)(02 - Renee Montoya) exists Question (DC)(02 - Renee Montoya)
An image for Aristotle 'Tot' Rodor exists Aristotle 'Tot' Rodor
An image for Hector Soliz exists Hector Soliz
An image for Louisa Soliz exists Louisa Soliz
An image for Varga exists Varga

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Network (DC)

Opens with a gang giving a "message" to a man named Hector.Renee wakes up and asks how many messages she has to Tot. Tot advises her to look at a certain message. Renee meets up with Hector at a burrito stand. Hector explains his story of how his sister has never made it back to him from their original country. She starts out at a man name Vagra's house. She finds evidence confirming Hector's sister made it to L.A. when advising Tot of the information. Vagra's gang shows up.

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