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The Vertigo Encyclopedia (2008) - HC
"The Vertigo Encylopedia"
Dorling Kindersley Publishing Inc.

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Alexander Irvine


Cover Artist(s):
Dave McKean

Rating (out of 10):
from 5 votes

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Cover Date: 2008
Cover Price: US $ 30.00

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Hardcover; 240 pages

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None entered.

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An image for Abel (DC)(Biblical) exists Abel (DC)(Biblical)
An image for Agent 355 exists Agent 355
An image for Agent Graves (100 Bullets) exists Agent Graves (100 Bullets)
An image for Zayn al Harrani exists Zayn al Harrani
An image for Alter Tse'elon exists Alter Tse'elon
An image for Amadan exists Amadan
Amenadiel the Archangel (DC)
An image for American Scream (DC) exists American Scream (DC)
An image for Ampersand exists Ampersand
An image for Animal Man (DC) exists Animal Man (DC)
An image for Anton Arcane exists Anton Arcane
Aristeas of Marmora
An image for Arseface exists Arseface
An image for Auberon (King of Faerie) exists Auberon (King of Faerie)
An image for Baba Yaga (general appearances) exists Baba Yaga (general appearances)
An image for Dashiell Bad Horse exists Dashiell Bad Horse
Gina Bad Horse
Cliff Baker
An image for Ellen Baker exists Ellen Baker
An image for Maxine Baker exists Maxine Baker
An image for Barbatos exists Barbatos
An image for Barbie exists Barbie
An image for Beast (Fables) exists Beast (Fables)
Beast (Transmetropolitan)
Beauty (Fables)
Rachel Begai
Elaine Belloc
An image for Dian Belmont exists Dian Belmont
An image for Titus Bird exists Titus Bird
An image for Black Orchid (DC)(01 - Susan Linden-Thorne) exists Black Orchid (DC)(01 - Susan Linden-Thorne)
An image for Black Orchid (DC)(02 - Flora Black) exists Black Orchid (DC)(02 - Flora Black)
An image for Black Orchid (DC)(03 - Susan 'Suzy' Linden) exists Black Orchid (DC)(03 - Susan 'Suzy' Linden)
An image for Jason Blood exists Jason Blood
An image for Bluebeard (Fables) exists Bluebeard (Fables)
Boy (The Invisibles)
An image for Boy Blue (Fables) exists Boy Blue (Fables)
An image for Walt Brody exists Walt Brody
An image for Brother Power The Geek exists Brother Power The Geek
An image for Hero Brown exists Hero Brown
An image for Yorick Brown exists Yorick Brown
An image for Alex Burgess exists Alex Burgess
An image for Roderick Burgess exists Roderick Burgess
Lieutenant Anthony 'Tony' Burke
An image for Cole Burns exists Cole Burns
Matthew Cable
An image for Cain (DC)(01 - Biblical) exists Cain (DC)(01 - Biblical)
An image for Blythe Alice Cameron exists Blythe Alice Cameron
An image for Candlemaker, The exists Candlemaker, The
Fulvio Carlito
An image for Cassidy exists Cassidy
Brandon Cayce
Scott Cayce
Cestis (01)
An image for Chas (DC) exists Chas (DC)
Chief Lincoln Red Crow
An image for Cinderella (Fables) exists Cinderella (Fables)
  An image for Coagula (DC) exists Coagula (DC)
Chris Cole
An image for Congo Bill exists Congo Bill
An image for John Constantine exists John Constantine
An image for Lady Johanna Constantine exists Lady Johanna Constantine
Rose Copen
An image for Corinthian (01) exists Corinthian (01)
An image for Crazy Jane exists Crazy Jane
An image for Creeper (01 - Maddy Benoir) exists Creeper (01 - Maddy Benoir)
John Custer
An image for Danny the Street exists Danny the Street
An image for Jack Daw exists Jack Daw
An image for Deadman (DC) exists Deadman (DC)
An image for Death (DC)(02 - Endless) exists Death (DC)(02 - Endless)
An image for Delirium (DC) exists Delirium (DC)
An image for Desire (DC) exists Desire (DC)
An image for Despair (02) (DC) exists Despair (02) (DC)
An image for Destiny (DC) exists Destiny (DC)
An image for Destruction (DC) exists Destruction (DC)
Beth Deville
An image for Megan Dietrich exists Megan Dietrich
An image for Dizzy exists Dizzy
An image for Doctor 13, the Ghost-Breaker (DC) exists Doctor 13, the Ghost-Breaker (DC)
An image for Doctor Occult (DC)(02 - Post-Crisis) exists Doctor Occult (DC)(02 - Post-Crisis)
An image for Dream (01 - Morpheus) exists Dream (01 - Morpheus)
An image for Duma exists Duma
El Diablo (03 - Huskey/Stone)
Carol Ellroy
An image for Enigma (Vertigo) exists Enigma (Vertigo)
An image for Etrigan the Demon (DC) exists Etrigan the Demon (DC)
An image for Eve (DC) exists Eve (DC)
Franklin Falls Down
Gregory John Feely
An image for Fiddler's Green exists Fiddler's Green
Brendan Finn
An image for First of the Fallen exists First of the Fallen
An image for Fletcher exists Fletcher
An image for Floronic Man exists Floronic Man
An image for Flycatcher exists Flycatcher
An image for Frau Totenkinder exists Frau Totenkinder
Frenzy (DC)
An image for Sexton Furnival exists Sexton Furnival
An image for Fury (DC)(02 - Lyta Trevor-Hall) exists Fury (DC)(02 - Lyta Trevor-Hall)
Gabriel (Vertigo)
An image for Hob Gadling exists Hob Gadling
Sarah Gaines
Leonardo da Vinci (general)
An image for Augustus Medici exists Augustus Medici
An image for Sebastian O exists Sebastian O
An image for Michael Smith exists Michael Smith
The Spirit of the Duke
An image for Ambrose Wolf exists Ambrose Wolf
An image for Bigby Wolf exists Bigby Wolf
An image for Blossom Wolf exists Blossom Wolf
An image for Connor Wolf exists Connor Wolf
Darien 'Dare' Wolf

Groups:    Add/remove groups to this issue
Brotherhood of Dada
Doom Patrol (DC)(03 - Morrison Era)
  Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E.
Parliament of Trees (DC)
Trenchcoat Brigade

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