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Ministry of Space (2001) - #1
Image Comics

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Warren Ellis

Chris Weston

Laura Martin

Michael Heisler

Cover Artist(s):
Chris Weston

Rating (out of 10):
from 6 votes

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Searching: Ministry of Space 1
Ministry Of Space. 2001 Image. 1-3 Issue Series. 9.6 MINTMinistry Of Space. 2001 Image. 1-3 Issue Series. 9.6 MINT$4.20
Ministry of Space #1 (of 3) (Apr 2001) Image Comics Warren EllisMinistry of Space #1 (of 3) (Apr 2001) Image Comics Warren Ellis$0.99
Ministry of Space (2001) #1 FNMinistry of Space (2001) #1 FN$1.20
Ministry of Space Omnibus (2004) #1 VFMinistry of Space Omnibus (2004) #1 VF$1.20
Ministry of Space (2001) #1 VFMinistry of Space (2001) #1 VF$1.20


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Cover Date: April 2001
Cover Price: US $ 2.95

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

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The dying days of World War 2. The US Army is running Operation Paperclip, getting the makers of the V2 out of Germany and into America before the Russians overrun their position. And this is where history takes a hard twist. Because the Army arrive to find the Germans, and all their machinery, are gone. Taken by the British. MINISTRY OF SPACE is an alternate history, the story of a a British space programme that outraced the rest of the world. Now that Britannia rules the waves of space, a utopian green-field England plies ships to the Moon, to Venus, to Victoria Station in low Earth orbit. This is the Ministry that sent a colonisation flotilla to Mars in 1963. The Ministry that destroyed a city and ran an exploration program unseen in human history. A Golden Age-- and what it cost. The black budget that financed the move into space. The deaths of the test pilots, taken from the surviving Spitfire flyers of the Battle Of Britain. And, in 2000, the end of the Golden Age, as America and Russia begin moving into space. the secret revealed, and the destruction of a man who sacrificed himself for the Ministry of Space. This is the story of how we could have gone to space. Maybe the way we "should" have gone to space.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Ministry of Space (2001) HC
Ministry of Space (2001) Omnibus
Ministry of Space (2001) TPB
Ministry of Space (2001) TPB (2nd Printing)
Ministry of Space (2001) TPB (3rd Printing)

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