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Nightwing (1996) - TPB vol. 12
"Love And War"
DC Comics

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Marv Wolfman

Paco Diaz
Jamal Yaseem Igle
Dan Jurgens

Keith C. Champagne
Paco Diaz
Rodney Ramos
Norm Rapmund

W. Moose Baumann
Edgar Delgado - 'Pato'
Richard Horie - 'RMH'
Tanya Horie

Phil Balsman
Travis Lanham
Rob Leigh

Elisabeth V. Gehrlein
Robert 'Bob' Harras
Michael Siglain
Peter J. Tomasi

Cover Artist(s):
Keith C. Champagne
Jamal Yaseem Igle

Rating (out of 10):
from 1 vote

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NIGHTWING: LOVE AND WAR  (DC 2007 TPB OOP ~ Wolfman / Jurgens) NIGHTWING: LOVE AND WAR (DC 2007 TPB OOP ~ Wolfman / Jurgens) $18.90
NIGHTWING Love And War Vol 12 SC TPB * DC Marv Wolfman Dan Jurgens & Jamal IgleNIGHTWING Love And War Vol 12 SC TPB * DC Marv Wolfman Dan Jurgens & Jamal Igle$15.39
DC Comics Nightwing: Love and War (2007)-TPB-Trade PaperbackDC Comics Nightwing: Love and War (2007)-TPB-Trade Paperback$20.00
Nightwing Love and War Trade Paperback ~ 1st PrintingNightwing Love and War Trade Paperback ~ 1st Printing$25.00


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Cover Date: October 2007
Cover Price: US $ 14.99

Issue Tagline: None.

Format: Color; Trade Paperback; 192 pages

Story Arc(s):    Add/remove story arcs to this issue
Bride and Groom

In this volume collecting issues #125-132, Nightwing faces off against Raptor, a powerful new foe wanted by the police for murder. Nightwing finds himself in the uncomfortable position of trying to save the villain from the law and the mysterious people who are trying to kill him after he discovers the possibility that this criminal didn't kill anyone.

Nightwing (1996) #125
Nightwing (1996) #126
Nightwing (1996) #127
Nightwing (1996) #128
Nightwing (1996) #129
Nightwing (1996) #130
Nightwing (1996) #131
Nightwing (1996) #132

Characters:    Add/remove characters to this issue
Aquarius (DC)
An image for Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis) exists Batman (DC)(03 - Post-Crisis)
Norman Bowles
An image for Bride (of Bride and Groom) exists Bride (of Bride and Groom)
Calcutta (DC)
Charge (DC)
An image for J.J. Davis exists J.J. Davis
An image for Ryan Diaz exists Ryan Diaz
Alex Gaona
An image for John Frederick Grayson (DC) exists John Frederick Grayson (DC)
An image for Mary Elizabeth Loyd Grayson exists Mary Elizabeth Loyd Grayson
An image for Groom (of Bride and Groom) exists Groom (of Bride and Groom)
An image for Huntress (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Helena Bertinelli) exists Huntress (DC)(Post Crisis)(02 - Helena Bertinelli)
Karl Lichner
Dahlia Lorens
Kelli Lorens
Phillip Lorens
  Roger Lorens
An image for Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor (DC)(Post Crisis) exists Alexander Joseph 'Lex' Luthor (DC)(Post Crisis)
Anna McGuire
An image for Nightwing (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Dick Grayson) exists Nightwing (DC)(Post Crisis)(01 - Dick Grayson)
An image for Oracle (DC)(02 - Barbara Gordon) exists Oracle (DC)(02 - Barbara Gordon)
Father Benjamin Ortega
An image for Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth (DC)(Post Crisis) exists Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth (DC)(Post Crisis)
Powerpunch (DC)
An image for Raptor (DC) exists Raptor (DC)
Dr. James Rossi
Snow (DC)
An image for Starfire (DC)(03 - Koriand'r) exists Starfire (DC)(03 - Koriand'r)
An image for Tarantula (DC) (03 - Catalina Flores) exists Tarantula (DC) (03 - Catalina Flores)
Jesse Walsh
Dennis West
An image for Zen exists Zen

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