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Cable (1993) - #28

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Joseph 'Jeph' Loeb III

Wilfred Santiago

Scott Hanna
Rachael Hawkey

Adam Wallenta

Chris Eliopoulos - '(principally a letterer)'

Mark Powers

Cover Artist(s):
Ian Churchill

Rating (out of 10):
from 7 votes

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Cover Date: February 1996
Cover Price: US $ 1.95

Issue Tagline: Death of a Nation

Format: Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages

There are other versions of this issue in the database:
Cable (1993) #28 Newsstand Edition

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As his secret lab has been discovered by Cable, Domino, Phillip, Jenny and Pipeline, the Sugarman decides to cut his losses by activating nuclear self-destruct. However, he then notices it’s not Nate Grey has arrived, but instead Cable who threatens to ruin all his plans. Soon thereafter, Cable and his friends burst into Sugarman’s lair and attack. Cable tries to reach into Sugarman’s head, but his thoughts are too unfocused and Cable only discovers the creature hails from another world. As Cable reels from the strain, Sugarman tries to escape, but is followed by Phillip who demands to know the truth about his father. Sugarman reveals he and Dr. David Moreau did indeed work together, as he supplied the technology David needed to invent the mutate bounding process. In return Sugarman got his power base and the “only” thing it cost David was his soul and his family. Sugarman takes a liking in Phillip and has some new plans for him. He stretches out his large tongue and traps Phillip in it, and teleports them both away to an unknown location. Witnessing this, Jenny is heartbroken, promising she’ll find her beloved no matter what. Elsewhere, Cable finds Sugarman’s main computers which could stop the meltdown, but the computer requires a password to get inside. Luckily, after Pipeline teleport himself and Jenny to a safe location, per Cable’s orders, Domino helps Cable with the password by trying to make him remember what he saw in Sugarman’s head, namely the password: “sugar.” Cable uses the password to gain computer access and manages to deactivate the self-destruct. Their celebration is short-lived, as Mr. Sinister finally steps out of the shadows and reveals that it was really him who teleported Cable and Domino to Genosha and set them both up. Their task was his own, and he promises that the world will never see the mutate bonding process again. Before he then teleports them away, Sinister leaves Cable with a parting thought – the mystery of “Nate Grey.” After they have departed, Sinister discusses with Threnody what they know about the X-Man. She says they know nothing, which Sinister is very aware is a lie. Elsewhere, Pipeline and Jenny arrive at the magistrate base, where Pipeline suggests they all rethink this long war, as he now knows the truth about who rules Genosha. While all this is taking place, the Dark Beast takes advantage to pull some data about the X-Men from Sugarman’s computers, but something goes wrong. When Dark Beast begins to download data about a name Sugarman’s computers shut down. Dark Beast finds that a pity, as he thought he was on to something.

Reprinted/Collected in:
Cable (1994) #11
Cable (1994) #19
Cable and X-Force Classic (2013) TPB vol. 01
Wolverine (1989) #88

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An image for Cable (Marvel) exists Cable (Marvel)
An image for Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse) exists Dark Beast (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
An image for Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman) exists Domino (Marvel)(02 - Neena Thurman)
An image for Hawkshaw exists Hawkshaw
An image for Philip Moreau exists Philip Moreau
An image for Mr. Sinister (Marvel) exists Mr. Sinister (Marvel)
  An image for Pipeline exists Pipeline
An image for Punchout exists Punchout
An image for Jennifer Ransome exists Jennifer Ransome
An image for Sugar Man (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse) exists Sugar Man (Marvel)(Age of Apocalypse)
An image for Threnody exists Threnody

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