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Marvel Books (Marvel)
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The Marvel Books imprint was used in the 1980s. A variety of publications featured the brand, such as illustrated storybooks, coloring books, and pop-up books.

Total: 57

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A-Team Storybook Comics Illustrated (1983)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: The Forest of Enchantment (1983)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: The Treasure of Time (1983)
Air Raiders Coloring Book (1988)
The Amazing Spider-Man: The Big Top Mystery (1984)

Bullwinkle and Rocky: Bullwinkle's New Job (1987)

Chuck Norris and the Karate Kommandos: The Caverns of Darkness (1986)
Crystar, Crystal Warrior: The Origin of Crystar (1983)
Crystar, Crystal Warrior: To Capture the Magic Crystal (1983)

The Dark Crystal (1982)
Dragon's Lair: The Magic Sword (1984)
Dragon's Lair: The Quest for the Stolen Fortune (1984)
Dragon's Lair: The Rescue of Princess Daphne (1984)

The Electric Company: Letters and Numbers Color and Learn Activity Book (1984)

Fantastic Four: The Island of Danger (1984)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Coloring Book (1984)
G.I. Joe: Operation Raging River (1987)
G.I. Joe: Operation Star Fight (1987)
G.I. Joe: Operation: Decoy (1983)
G.I. Joe: Operation: Disappearance! (1983)
G.I. Joe: The Spy Eye (1983)
G.I. Joe: The Trojan Gambit (1983)

Heathcliff Goes to Hollywood (1985)
Heathcliff Super Summer Play and Fun Book (1985)
Heathcliff the Pirate (1983)
Heathcliff: The Fish Bandit (1983)
Heathcliff: The Trickiest Cat In Town (1983)
Howard the Duck: The Menace from Outer Space (1986)

Marvel Comics Illustrated/Marvel Illustrated Books (1970)
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Sticker Adventures (1984)
Sectaurs: Secret in the Valley of Meander (1985)
Stamp Fun With Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals (1985)

The Transfomers Sticker Adventures (1984)
The Transformers Stamp Fun featuring the Evil Decepticons (1984)
The Transformers Super Activity Book (1986)
The Transformers (1984)
The Transformers: A Message From Outer Space (1985)
The Transformers: Battle for Cybertron (1984)
The Transformers: Battle for Earth (1985)
The Transformers: Battle on the Junk Planet (1986)
The Transformers: Bumblebee to the Rescue! (1984)
The Transformers: Car Show Blow Up (1986)
The Transformers: Decepticon Hijack (1985)
The Transformers: Decepticon Patrol (1984)
The Transformers: Forest Rescue Mission (1985)
The Transformers: Insecticon Attack! (1985)
The Transformers: Return to Cybertron (1984)
The Transformers: Search for Treasure Under the Sea (1984)
The Transformers: The Autobot Smasher! (1985)
The Transformers: The Autobot Spy In The Sky (1986)
The Transformers: The Autobots' Secret Weapon (1985)
The Transformers: The Battle At Oil Valley (1986)
The Transformers: The Great Car Rally (1984)
The Transformers: The Lost Treasure of Cybertron (1986)
The Transformers: The Revenge of the Decepticons (1984)
The Transformers: The Story of Wheelie, The Wild Boy of Quintesson (1986)

Visionaries: Encounter at Iron Mountain (1987)


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