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Infinity Gauntlet TPBs

Postby übernot » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:42 am

Hey Thanos fans!

There's probably something wrong deep down with me and anyone who responds to that greeting, but he is one bad mother--- (shut my mouth). I'm just talking about Thanos, or rather the collection of perhaps his greatest near triumph.

While participating in a recent Pop Tards podcast recording (read as "nerd free-for-all") (check them out at discussing the Infinity Gauntlet, I picked up the latest (?) copy of the TPB. The indicia reads as follows:

INFINITY GAUNTLET. Contains material originally published in magazine form as INFINITY GAUNTLET #1-6. Third edition. Third printing 2012. ISBN# 978-0-7851-5659-8. ... Manufactured between 6/13/2012 and 7/9/2012...
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

If you check out what the CBDB has for Infinity Gauntlet TPBs, we have some discrepancy in numbering. The cover of this latest printing looks nearly exactly like what the CBDB has as the 4th Printing, but with the Marvel red box logo moved to the lower left corner. I am guessing, based on the indicia numbering which could be faulty, that what the CBDB calls the 2nd Printing should be considered a 3rd "edition" of the original collection and the CBDB's 4th Printing is really the 2nd printing of the 3rd edition, making the indicia numbering work.

However, without seeing all the TPBs (and being sure we have all of them cataloged), how should I enter this?

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Re: Infinity Gauntlet TPBs

Postby mikebo » Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:46 pm

I have the 1st edition, 2nd printing myself and it has an identical, or near similar cover to the first printing's. Someone changed the cover though to the edition you mention in your post, so it's no longer correct in my collection. The cover change occurred some time ago though, so it will be messed up in other peoples' collections if I replace the cover. Cover and/or price has been changed on two other editions as well. This a recurring and rather frequent problem with popular collections that go through multiple printings and editions. The indicia isn't always accurate if it states the printing at all. I don't know why people continue to change cover artwork and info to match their edition though instead of creating a variant.

As for your question about entering your copy, I wouldn't try to base it upon the other editions since you can't be sure of their accuracy, and make the variant name "3rd Edition, 3rd Printing". We'll sort the others out when we've gathered more information, though I suspect your theory is correct based upon the current cover artworks.

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