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Character Image Submission Guidelines

Postby spid » Tue May 25, 2010 5:36 pm

Since I tend to submit a lot of images for characters I figured I would try to put together a guideline to help future submitters. This is still a little rough, but I would like to throw it out to the group to see what everyone thinks of it. I still would like to add so more links, but I do not have them available to me at the moment.


When submitting an image the goal is to find the best representation of the character. This goal is not meant to discourage people from submitting a less than perfect image. If the best available image of a character is a simple head shot feel free to use that image.

Multiple Images Per character:
Primarily, many characters go through different costumes over time so the object is to show that evolution with multiple images. Do not afraid to submit an image even if it does not have a different costume change.


The image must get under 20k.
A lot of photo editors will allow you to reduce the size of an image, and still allow you to produce a quality image. If you investigate your proffered photo editor of choice you should be able to find the reduce size option.
The following thread on the forum has many suggestions for programs to use to reduce the image size.


Why was my character image submission rejected?

1. Avoid Stretch Images:
If the best image of character is small please do not stretch the image to make it larger. It is better to have a smaller cropped image than
a stretched image.

Ex. ... 0_char.jpg

2. The image contains a dialog balloon or written Caption.

The goal is to try to get the most iconic image available so we try to avoid captions. There are some captions that contain a famous line
that character says which will be admitted based on the moderators judgment. Some captions can be easily edited out with an image

Ex. ... 5_char.jpg

3. There maybe another existing image that represents the character better.

4. The image contains a watermark.

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Re: Character Image Submission Guidelines

Postby Soda » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:21 pm

I just submitted a few character pictures for some minor "Masters of the Universe" characters. These picture were taken from a recent mini-comic. Emphasis being on "mini" which resulted in a non-stellar picture quality. But PLEASE do not reject those images because "looks stretched/zoomed" because these pictures have neither been zoomed nor stretched. They are just from a scan from a minicomic from a panel where they are located in the background. If I come across better pictures (which is rather unlikely to happen soon because it was the first appearance for most of those characters) I will submit bthose better pictures but for the time being it would be nice if they would be added because it was quite an effort to get those pictures. :)

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Re: Character Image Submission Guidelines

Postby spid » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:24 pm

What I am noticing people are doing are cropping an image to get rid of a word balloon or the like then trying the image bigger to compensate. Just leave the image at the size it was at before the crop.

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Re: Character Image Submission Guidelines

Postby Soda » Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:45 pm

Which is what I at least are doing (or even more: I'm shrinking it in size due to the 20KB limit... which often results in ugly moirée effects... which then leads to you rejecting is because it "looks stretched/zoomed" :D ).
And I'm also using my photoshop "skills" to get rid of word balloons and such instead of cropping.

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Re: Character Image Submission Guidelines

Postby pnova » Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:59 pm

How do you add multi images for a character like Spiderman has.

After adding multi images for Optimus Prime for different ones.

ie Optimus Prime

1 [first appearance 1984] original, Powermaster, Action master & if any change in the new IDW comic Regeneration One.
2. Dreamwave - Warwithin & G1
3. Transformers Armada original red cab [smaller robot & combined form] & final battle blue repaint
4. IDW - Original Orion Pax from Spotlight Blurr, Pre Earth mode, Earth mode [by EJ Su], G1 mode [AHM], 2009 earth mode.

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Re: Character Image Submission Guidelines

Postby Uthor » Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:57 pm

Just submit a new image. If it's different enough, then the mods can approve a second (or more) image instead of replacing.

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