Inadvertently making things too complicated on the site?

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Re: Inadvertently making things too complicated on the site?

Postby prime25 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:19 pm

I think someones been going overboard with the Transformers IDW spotlights. I do agree with what they say for #1,2 - but IDW did intend them being all under one title but with the different issue being the characters names but no in any name order - so the issues are not in the release order. But does make it slightly harder to find them has you now need to know all the characters names who had a spotlight instead of going to spotlights & seeing which one you don't have.

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Re: Inadvertently making things too complicated on the site?

Postby mikebo » Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:47 am

Search by title for Transformers Spotlight will return every title. Open a new tab and repeat the search but check the box for "only in my collection," and compare the two lists to find those you don't have.

Besides the fact they weren't following the indicia, the single catch all Transformers Spotlight title was making it impossible to select the issues for reprint data except for the two numbered issues. As an example, when entering the reprint data, instead of just typing the indicia title you'd find looking in your comics, you would have make a guess or spend some time researching what someone decided to enter the issue as. You'd have to look up the Transformers Spotlight series' title, what the issue was "numbered', and the issue's story title. And then enter for example, "The Transformers: Spotlight (2006) Hardhead - Revelation: Part Two", and cross your fingers hoping there weren't any extra spaces anywhere or the database wouldn't find it. The convenience of having them all in one place was making any feature that selects issues nearly unworkable.

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