Senior Editor requested: Marvel Holiday Specials

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Senior Editor requested: Marvel Holiday Specials

Postby protojeff2 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:19 am


I've been working to update various Marvel Holiday Special entries throughout ComicBookDB, and have reached something of an impasse. :)

Specifically, would it be possible to remove this Title entry and associated issue entirely? -

I've since added this issue to the Marvel Holiday Special (1991) series ( as Marvel Holiday Special #2011, keeping in line with the "seasonal" numbering system already established. (This system, I might add, is genius, and is probably the best way to manage the chaos that is Marvel's Holiday Special Numbering Nightmare.)

I've also been working on the Marvel Digital Holiday Special (2010) series ( At this point, the "multiple stories" section for ALL issues in this series can be cleared as to avoid confusion.

If a senior editor could look into these two requests, I'd really appreciate it. :)

Also, I noticed - while making edits - that if I leave particular text within the notes section of a Title entry, it registers while performing a site search.

For example, upon leaving "Also see Marvel Holiday Special" in the notes area of Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995, the Spider-Man special would be displayed in my search results whenever I performed a search for "Marvel Holiday Special."

This, in my opinion, is the perfect means to more easily find other Marvel holiday specials not otherwise containing the actual search phrase. So I immediately updated the various other Marvel holiday specials in the system, so they now are listed in the Title results when someone performs a general "Marvel Holiday Special" search. I did so because - in my own search for holiday specials over the years - this would have been a fantastic tool to have. :)

But in hindsight, is this considered abuse of the system? If so, I'll gladly remove the edits.


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