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    Dennis Worden
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Born in Los Angeles, raised in Orange County California ( a right-wing bastion ). Old enough to have had atomic bomb drills in school, take LSD at 16 during the 60's "revolution" and worry about being drafted to Vietnam. Started cartooning in 1981, getting published in Robert Crumb's WEIRDO magazine and various other underground comic anthologies and punk rock fanzines throughout the 80's. Self-published SLUR in 1982 and BONGO DICK in 1986. Both were printed by a guy I met who was just learning to print and had a very old and funky offset-press in his garage. The first STICKBOY book was published in 1988 by Fantagraphics, who also did #2, #3 and a collection of my non-Stickboy stuff called PEDESTRIAN VULGARITY. STICKBOY #4 and 5 were published by Revolutionary Comics. SUBURBAN TEENS ON ACID was with Iconographics in 1992. STICKBOY #6, 7, ACIDBOY ( which reprinted Stickboy #2 and Suburban Teens On Acid together ) and two issues of an anthology I edited called CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT were all published by Starhead Comix. My new book, THE RETURN OF STICKBOY, is with Carnal Comics. They normally do porn but I couldn't find anyone else willing to print it. Porn saved Stickboy.

Stickboy also appeared as a puppet in some crude homemade videos I made in the early 90's. I just edited the mess down to a DVD you can buy only on this website.

My first show of paintings was in 1994 at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in L.A. I've done 5 there and several at various other shows and galleries that don't exist anymore or don't matter. Amazing artist Todd Schorr wrote a nice article on me for Juxtapose #44 ( response - one letter from prison and two emails ). When Leonardo DeCaprio bought one of my paintings I got pretty excited, but no parade of superstar art-buyers followed. Which is good for art-buyers without a butt-load of cash because my prices would have shot through the fuckin' roof! Funny, the poorer I am the cheaper you can buy my art. Seems like it should be the other way around. Life stinks doesn't it?

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Mondo Howie #3 Peter Bagge-Dennis Worden-Mark Martin Underground Comix Mini 1987Mondo Howie #3 Peter Bagge-Dennis Worden-Mark Martin Underground Comix Mini 1987$19.99
DRAWN & QUARTERLY MAGAZINE #1 - Peter Bagge JOE MATT Dennis Worden - VF/NMDRAWN & QUARTERLY MAGAZINE #1 - Peter Bagge JOE MATT Dennis Worden - VF/NM$19.99
Pedestrian Vulgarity #1 by Dennis Worden, 1990 Fantagraphic Books, VFPedestrian Vulgarity #1 by Dennis Worden, 1990 Fantagraphic Books, VF$7.99
Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy #7/Dennis Worden/Lloyd Dangle/1988 Fantagraphics ComicCentrifugal Bumble-Puppy #7/Dennis Worden/Lloyd Dangle/1988 Fantagraphics Comic$4.95

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