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    Robert 'Bob' Joy
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Adventures of Superboy (2010)
The All New Atom (2006)
All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder (2005)
All Star Superman (2006)
Aquaman: Death Of A Prince (2011)
Atomic Knights (2010)
Aztek: The Ultimate Man (1996)
Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2010)
Batman (1940)
The Batman Chronicles (2005)
Batman Confidential (2007)
Batman Vs. Two-Face (2008)
Batman: Arkham Asylum Special (2009)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Special (2010)
Batman: Secrets of the Batcave (2007)
Batman: The Black Casebook (2009)
Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2005)
Batman: The Strange Deaths Of Batman (2009)
Batman: The Widening Gyre (2009)
Batman: Two-Face and Scarecrow Year One (2009)
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? (2009)
Batman/Scarecrow: Fear (2008)
Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps (2010)
Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps (2009)
The Brave and the Bold (2007)
Captain Carrot and the Final Ark (2007)
Checkmate (2006)
Countdown (2007)
Crisis on Multiple Earths (2002)
Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups (2005)
DC Comics Classics Library (2009)
DC Comics Presents: Batman/Catwoman (2010)
DC Goes Ape (2008)
DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories (2005)
Dead Romeo (2009)
Detective Comics (1937)
Detective Comics Classics (2011)
Diana Prince: Wonder Woman (2008)
Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance (2009)
The Flash Chronicles (2009)
The Flash (1987)
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive (2006)
The Flash: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2007)
The Green Lantern Chronicles (2009)
Green Lantern Corps (2006)
Icon (1993)
JLA: Ultramarine Corps (2007)
JSA (1999)
JSA Presents: Green Lantern (2008)
Justice League of America, Special (2009)
New Teen Titans Archives (1999)
Outsiders/Checkmate: Checkout (2008)
Power Girl (2006)
Red Robin (2009)
Secret Six (2008)
Showcase Presents: Aquaman (2007)
Showcase Presents: Batgirl (2007)
Showcase Presents: Batman (2006)
Showcase Presents: Batman And The Outsiders (2007)
Showcase Presents: Booster Gold (2008)
Showcase Presents: Brave and the Bold: Batman Team-Ups (2007)
Showcase Presents: Challengers Of The Unknown (2006)
Showcase Presents: Phantom Stranger (2006)
Showcase Presents: Robin - The Boy Wonder (2008)
Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock (2007)
Showcase Presents: Super Friends (2014)
Showcase Presents: Superman Family (2006)
Showcase Presents: Teen Titans (2006)
Super Friends (2008)
Supergirl (2005)
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes (2006)
The Superman Chronicles (2006)
Superman vs. Muhammad Ali (2010)
Superman: The Man of Steel (2003)
Superman: World Of Krypton (2008)
Superman/Batman (2003)
Superman/Doomsday: The Collected Edition (2006)
Tales of the Green Lantern Corps (1981)
Trinity (2008)
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice (1995)
Warlord (2009)
The Wonder Woman Chronicles (2010)

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