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    James D. Hudnall - 'Hud'
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After a stint in the Air Force, Hudnall became a computer programmer, working in Southern California. But his life long desire to become a writer was finally realized at the age of 28 in 1986 when he sold his first comic series idea to Eclipse Comics. Prior to this he had worked there part time as their marketing person.

James' first book was Espers and it was good enough to get him hired at Marvel and DC shortly thereafter. After several years of working for the big two, Hudnall was one of the founders of the Ultraverse at Malibu Comics. When the industry crashed in the mid 1990s, he tried his hand at self publishing under his company Halloween Comics. After two years he switched to Image Comics where he worked up until 1999.

Hudnall's work has been sporatic since then. He has worked with Humanoids in France, self published more books under his Dark Planet Productions imprint. In 2006 Hudnall returned to Image with the release of The Psycho trade.

As a fan in the early 80s, Hudnall is credited with bringing Japanese Comics and anime to the attention of many people including Toren Smith, who went on to create the imprint Studio Proteus. While at Eclipse in 1985, he attempted to do manga in English, which initiated the interest Japanese publishers. Viz Comics was formed and James was hired as a rewriter.

He has had one television series, Harsh Realm, based on his work. The Psycho is in development at Universal Pictures as a motion picture.

His blog is very popular and has been running since 2002.

Date of Birth: April 10, 1957
Birthplace: Santa Rosa, California


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2 to the Chest (2004)
2 to the Chest preview book / Rogues preview book flipbook (2003)
Action Comics (1938)
Acts of Vengeance (2011)
Adventures of Superman (1987)
The Age of Heroes (1996)
Age of Heroes: Wex (1998)
Alpha Flight (1983)
Area 88 (1987)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989)
Born to be Wild (1991)
Break-Thru (1993)
Chiller (1993)
Devastator (1998)
ESPers (1986)
ESPers (1996)
ESPers (1997)
ESPers: Black Magic (1998)
ESPers: Interface (1998)
Flaxen: Alter Ego (1995)
Freex (1993)
Godwheel (1995)
Hardcase (1993)
Harsh Realm (1993)
Heavy Metal (1977)
Hostile Takeover Ashcan (1994)
Interface (1989)
Jinx Buried Treasures (1998)
Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography (1989)
Macross ll The Micron Conspiracy (1994)
Mai the Psychic Girl (1987)
Malibu Ashcan: Rafferty (1994)
Malibu Signature Series (1993)
Marvel Graphic Novel: Rick Mason, The Agent (1989)
Metallica (1993)
Negative Burn (1993)
Pineapple Army (1988)
Pixy Junket (1993)
The Psycho (1991)
Rumic World (1990)
Shut Up and Die (1998)
Silent Mobius (1991)
Silent Mobius Part 2 (1991)
Silent Mobius Part 3 (1992)
Silent Mobius Part 4 (1993)
Silent Mobius Part Four (1993)
Sinking (1992)
Sludge (1993)
Solar Lord (1999)
The Solution (1993)
The Strangers (1993)
Streets (1993)
Strikeforce Morituri: Electric Undertow (1989)
Strikeforce: Morituri (1986)
Striker (1992)
Strip Magazine (2011)
Super Street Fighter II: Cammy (1997)
Superman (1987)
Superman Album (1989)
Twister (1992)
Ultraverse Origins (1994)
Ultraverse Premiere (1993)
Ultraverse Year Zero: Death of the Squad (1995)

ESPers (1997)

2 to the Chest (2004)
2 to the Chest preview book / Rogues preview book flipbook (2003)
Age of Heroes: Wex (1998)
Devastator (1998)
ESPers (1997)
The Prince of Tennis (2004)
Shut Up and Die (1998)
Solar Lord (1999)
Ultimate Muscle (2004)


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GN/TPB Superman Lex Luthor The Unauthorized Biography James D. HudnallGN/TPB Superman Lex Luthor The Unauthorized Biography James D. Hudnall$3.99
AGE OF HEROES Wek #1 James D. Hudnall 1998 COMIC BOOKAGE OF HEROES Wek #1 James D. Hudnall 1998 COMIC BOOK$1.95
The Psycho #2, DC, prestige, James D Hudnall, BreretonThe Psycho #2, DC, prestige, James D Hudnall, Brereton$3.00
Hell's Reward - Hudnall, James D. 9781492788621Hell's Reward - Hudnall, James D. 9781492788621$6.73
CHILLER 1 2 John Ridgway James D Hudnall UNCIRCULATEDCHILLER 1 2 John Ridgway James D Hudnall UNCIRCULATED$7.90

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