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    Otto Oscar Binder - 'Eando Binder'
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Though Otto Binder's life was shorter than that of his brother, Jack, his impact on comics was undoubtedly greater. His life in comics started at the dawn of the Golden Age in 1939 and continued virtually until his death in 1974.

In that time he had a career that spanned many titles, but there are two characters with which he'll probably always be linked: Captain Marvel and Superman. He wrote almost 75% of the Fawcett title Captain Marvel Adventures; created the characters Mary Marvel, Tawky Tawny, and Mr. Mind; and came up with the concepts of the "Marvel Family" and the "Sivana Family".

When Fawcett closed its doors, and the Marvel Family seemed to be on the brink of obscurity, he went to work for Fawcett's rival, DC. Despite the bitter Superman/Captain Marvel lawsuit of the time, he became one of the SIlver Age Superman's most prolific writers. There, he wrote for every publication that featured Kal-El, and helped shape numerous parts of the Superman legend. Perhaps most significantly, he helped to create Supergirl of Earth-1.

He also had significant work in other DC publications.

Date of Birth: 08/26/1911
Birthplace: Bessemer, MI
Date of death: 10/14/1974

Favorite Creators:
Otto Oscar Binder - 'Eando Binder' is a favorite creator of 4 users

  • 2003 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Hall of Fame
  • 2004 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Winner - Hall of Fame: (Judges' choice)
  • 2010 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Winner - Bill Finger Excellence in Comic Writing

Binder wrote text stories under the pen name Eando Binder.

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1973)
3-D Batman (1953)
80 Page Giant (1964)
Action Comics (1938)
Adventure Comics (1938)
Adventure Comics (2009)
All-Winners Comics (1941)
Amazing Adventures (1950)
America's Greatest Comics (1941)
The Best of DC (1979)
The Best of EC: Artist's Edition (2013)
Beware! Terror Tales (1952)
Black Hood Comics (1943)
The Black Hood (1947)
Captain America Comics (1941)
Captain America: Forever Allies (2010)
Captain America: The Classic Years (1990)
Captain Battle (1941)
Captain Marvel Adventures (1941)
Captain Marvel Storybook (1946)
Captain Marvel, Jr. (1942)
Creepy (1964)
Creepy (2009)
Creepy Archives (2008)
Creepy: The Classic Years (1991)
Crime SuspenStories (1950)
DC 100-Page Super Spectacular (1971)
DC Comics Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes (2011)
DC Goes Ape (2008)
DC Museum Edition (2001)
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest (1980)
DC Super Stars (1976)
A DC Universe Christmas (2000)
DC Universe: Secret Origins (2012)
DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories (2005)
Destination Moon (1950)
Detective Comics (1937)
Doc Savage Comics (1940)
Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom (1962)
Double-Dare Adventures (1966)
E.C. Classic Reprints (1973)
Eerie (1965)
Eerie Archives (2009)
The Essential Showcase 1956-1959 (1993)
Fatman, The Human Flying Saucer (1967)
Four Color Comics (1942)
Four Star Spectacular (1976)
From Beyond the Unknown (1969)
Golden Age Greats Spotlight (2003)
Golden Age of Comics (1982)
Graham Ingels' EC Stories Artist's Edition (2016)
The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told (1987)
Hangman Comics (1942)
The Haunt Of Fear (1991)
Hit Comics (1940)
House of Mystery (1951)
Impact (1955)
Jigsaw (1966)
Kid Komics (1943)
Legion of Super-Heroes: 1,050 Years in the Future (2008)
Limited Collectors' Edition (1973)
The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics (2008)
Marvel Classics Comics Series Featuring... (1976)
Marvel Family (1945)
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Captain America (2005)
Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Young Allies (2009)
Marvel Mystery Comics (1939)
Marvel Super-Heroes (1967)
Mary Marvel (1945)
Master Comics (1940)
Metal Men (1963)
Mighty Samson (1964)
Mighty Samson Archives (2010)
Millennium Edition:... (2000)
More Secret Origins Replica Edition (1999)
MV Comix (1968)
Mystery in Space (1951)
Pendulum's Illustrated Stories (1990)
Pep Comics (1940)
Phantastische Geschichten (1986)
The Phantom Stranger (1969)
Pocket Comics (1941)
Reese's Pieces (1985)
Secret Origins (1973)
Shadow Comics (1940)
Shadow Comics (1941)
Shazam! (1973)
Shazam! and the Shazam Family! (2002)
Shock SuspenStories (1952)
Shock Suspenstories (1992)
Showcase (1956)
Showcase Presents: Showcase (2012)
Space Adventures (1958)
Space Adventures (2000)
Steve Ditko Omnibus (2011)
Strange Adventures (1950)
Super A (1977)
Super Adventure Comic (1950)
Super Green Beret (1967)
Super-Mystery Comics (1940)
Superboy (1949)
Supergirl Archives (2005)
Superman (1939)
Superman Klassik (1990)
Superman the Origin of Superman [1966 Golden Record ed.] (1966)
Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told (2004)
Superman: The Silver Age Dailies (2013)
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane Archives (2011)
Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane (1958)
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954)
Tales of the Unexpected (1956)
Tales Too Terrible To Tell (1989)
Thrill-o-rama (1965)
The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics (2009)
Top-Notch Comics (1939)
Totem Extra (1978)
Unearthly Spectaculars (1965)
Valor (1955)
Valor (1998)
Warfront (1951)
Web Of Horror (1969)
Weird Fantasies (1972)
Weird Science-Fantasy (1954)
Weird Science-Fantasy (1992)
WHIZ Comics (1940)
World's Finest Comics (1941)
Wow Comics (1940)
X-Mas Comics (1941)
Young Allies Comics (1941)
Zip Comics (1940)




Cover Artist:
Superman (1939)

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